Im looking for Programmer - Kobi's Revenge Project

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Im looking for Programmer - Kobi's Revenge Project

#1 Post by cerebronauta » Mon Feb 10, 2020 6:13 pm

Hi everyone, let me introduce myself my name is Giacomo Rivano.
I with other creatives have created an independent team, The Beast Studio.
We are still working on a unity-based project but we have another project in the pipeline and we have decided to exploit the potential of GameMaker studio 2.
The project of which in this topic I will mention very little (it will soon be explained why) talks about Ninja, zombies and revenge all seasoned by a pixel art graphic.
We are looking for a programmer (obviously based on GMS2) who wants to have a chat to find out more about the project.
I believe that if in a project there is passion and the desire to carry it forward, it can make it a good project.
I apologize if in this topic I will be all too vague and generic but I prefer to have a good chat with the possible interested parties to carry on this speech, I believe that a chat has never hurt anyone and I would really like to be able to expose my idea in the best of the ways.
Speaking more concretely what you want to do for Kobi's Revenge is a demo (which will likely include an internship and, and the mechanics of the game) the reason is very simple, in addition to allowing us to work on a non-definitive product and therefore make it in less time will allow us to act on two fronts:
The first is to be able to have material to be tried and tested by the backers of the Kickstarter campaign that we will create for the launch of the game, having the possibility of being able to show a demo of the game would make the figure of the product much more solid, thus avoiding selling air. fried or surf in "we will do this, there will be this other"
Secondly, the demo will be useful for pitching with a publisher with whom we are in contact, again, I apologize if I remain vague but it is my will to expose all the details in a more private way with those interested in the project!
I thank you in advance for your attention / interest bar towards my topic.
I would be very pleased to be able to speak with those of you who have an interest in this project which, I'm sure, with the right hands can really make a difference.

I leave you my contacts below:
Skype jackrivano
Discord GiacomoRivano # 1856
A Big Big Hug.

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