[CLOSED] [Rev-Share] Starlight Shores: CG Artist Needed

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[CLOSED] [Rev-Share] Starlight Shores: CG Artist Needed

#1 Post by DollhouseRose » Fri May 01, 2020 1:55 pm

Starlight Shores is an island-themed romance game, with a demo available on Itchio: Itchio Page

We have completed negotiations with a publisher and are now offering rev-share. The base game itself will remain 100% free, but DLC content will be available at a small cost. This is a passion project, and profit is not guaranteed.

What we need:

We’re looking for a CG Artist who has an anime art style that is similar to our current artists Liah Momiji and Tanuma-San. Samples of their current artwork in our projects have been shared below.
Our game will have approximately 14-16 CG’s that will be split between 3 artists.

If you think you’d make a good fit for our team, please message me on LemmaSoft with a link to your current portfolio or social pages with example artwork. I will then provide my private email address and we can further discuss your application. Feel free to also reach out on Twitter (@TidalBlossoms)!

In the event that you are offered a position on our team, NDA’s and Independent/Freelance contracts will be presented. Artwork produced for Starlight Shores can be shared by the Artist for portfolio purposes ONLY and cannot be resold elsewhere.

We ask that Artist's do not share their work without permission before launch to avoid spoilers! Private portfolio viewings are an exception.

The Story:

After your childhood friend Theo wins a weekend getaway to the town of Seaside, you prepare to spend your birthday in paradise. It's been months since you last saw Theo, and she's incredibly excited to spend the weekend together.

She invites her roommate Lena to join the group, and Theo extends an invitation to your friend Alec. After parting ways to attend different colleges, it's just the get-together that you need to reconnect.

Everything seems to be coming together perfectly... until Alec insists on driving by himself. You arrive at the cottage before him, certain that he's ditched the group. A short while later, he calls to announce that he's bringing along an uninvited guest.

Although Erika may be from the same small-town as most of the group, that's about the only thing you share in common...

Will you enjoy your night with Theo and wish on a star?

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