Looking for character artist and possibly background artist (closed)

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Looking for character artist and possibly background artist (closed)

#1 Post by namastaii » Tue May 19, 2020 4:14 pm

Update -- I forgot to mention that I'm looking for more american style art rather than anime if possible :) have also received a handful of replies so apologies if I take a while to get to you^^

Hello, I'm looking to redesign a game I've been working on for a while to accommodate for my growth/knowledge I've gained over the years and just start fresh so I can build something really good. This will be a Steam game and is more of a free-roam type game rather than a VN. I code, write, design GUI, and create music for this game myself.

I'm not much of an artist when it comes to scenes and characters (I could but it would take too long since it isn't one of my main talents)

So I'm looking to hire an artist I can either keep on board with me or have create a few assets for me to use exclusively for this.

I'm mainly looking at character art right now. This will be a customizable sprite so I'm looking for someone who can create a few bases for different body types and facial, hair, and clothing as well. Something that is a simplistic/minimal style but still looks nice and professional. Feel free to contact me on Discord at LunaLucid#1991 to discuss more details and payment arrangements. I can either set up a one time payment/payment per asset for just giving me the setup of the character art layers or if you're willing to be part of this deeper, possibly small payments over time or wait until the release and get paid a percentage of the game's income. I'm open to your preferences/ideas.

As for background art, there will need to be locations as well as in-between locations since the player can travel through the game as well as day/night versions. I cannot afford this currently but I'm putting it up anyway in case someone was interested in working with me and getting a percentage of earnings (which could end up being a lot and a residual payment that recurs as long as the game is selling - if the game is successful. I'll also be marketing this game so this is more of a trust situation otherwise I might end up making my own or buying some premade backgrounds until the game sells enough to where I can update the backgrounds at a later date to increase the quality of the game)

If you want to learn more about what I've done in the past, feel free to check out any of my tutorials and my itch, all of which are in my signature.
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Re: Looking for character artist and possibly background artist

#2 Post by production66 » Wed May 20, 2020 4:54 am


I am Srilalitha K R, would like to take an opportunity and introduce myself as freelance Creative Artist (www.p66.me) that is involved in 2D Pre - Production & Production Services. I have been providing these services for the last 7 Years. I have experience in:

and others

I have worked with Corporates, Contractors, Agency organizing different types of creative’s for TV, Theatre & Web formats. Adopting different type of Art styles, working with tight schedules, the prompt response has been my major key to success.

Please, do give me an opportunity to work with your project.

Looking forward to co-operating with you.

www.p66.me - Work Portfolio

With Regards,

Srilalitha K R
Ph No - +1(914)247-7791
Email - reply@p66.me
Website - www.p66.me

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