[Open][Visual Novel] Experienced programmer looking for 2D artist to make a game with

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[Open][Visual Novel] Experienced programmer looking for 2D artist to make a game with

#1 Post by 4kocour4 » Wed May 20, 2020 7:30 am

Hey guys!

So, I got this site recommended by a friend after artist left the project halfway done and I hope to find a replacement here.
Im from Czech Republic and I study computer science/ engineering for 5 years now. I also work as a part-time programmer/ Tech support for the last 2 years in local company.
Now, If you are an artist and want to work with me, then there are 3 possible outcomes:

1) We finish the unfinished game, which is 18+ Lara Croft Clicker game
2) We make a new clicker game!
3) We make a Visual Novel (Example of my work included below)

The unfinished game is similar in gameplay to some Flash titles and Danny clicker by Manitu. Basicaly, you have a character, in this case Lara Croft and you click on her breasts/ ass, which gives you money, corrupts her and brings both of you closer to orgasm. All of the mentioned are important game mechanics.
Money is used to purchase autoclickers, costumes and accesories, which modify the amount of money/corruption/orgasm you recieve.
Corruption serves as XP. When you reach certain level, you unlock more upgrades/costumes. Also Lara´s commentary and facial expressions change according to her corruption meter.
Her orgasm is basicaly Corruption boost, where you get huge ammount of corruption points and unique facial expression
Your orgasm is same, but you will be able to cum on Lara, giving her "Cum covered look"

The game is in English and currently runs on Windows only, but when it´s finished I want to make an Android port.
Here is the example of art style the artist would need to match:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jA33RY ... sp=sharing
After talking to the original artist, he agreed to send me PSD files with lineart, so you could recolor it your own way. However, Im still waiting for those files.

What needs to be done are some GUI elements, but nothing major, then all the costumes and accesories (5 costumes for 2 poses) and possibly 1 more background.
What is done are backgrounds, about 60% of the GUI and about 50% of Lara´s expressions with 90% of her animations.

This game would have same mechanics as the previous one, but I´d appreciate your creative input. (New mechanics, etc.)
The character/ franchise this game would center around is up for discussion, Im sure we both could find common interest.

I wanted to create Visual Novel since 2015. After many attempts Im confident in my tech and abilities to succesfuly create one.
Here is the link to tech demo that I made: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LRhRz_ ... sp=sharing
The art style that Im going for is simple 2D flat shaded approach, something like Witch Hunter by Somka108 or Akabur´s games. That doesn´t mean however that I insist on the game looking like this, whatever you as an artist are comfortable with we go with.
The game would be somewhat sandboxed VN with heavy focus on dating elements, which is hard to explain, so I would rather do it in a PM rahter then bloat this post even more.
The game would be a "parody", meaning it would be based on existing property. My top 3 favorites are:

1) Star Wars - Huge fanbase, almost no 18+ games. Certain win
2) Gravity Falls - No 18+ games (That I know of), still healthy fanbase + all the teens watching it in 2012 are now young adults -> larger audience
3) Harry Potter - I think that there is too many HP games in the making for us to make another one, but who knows...

This doesn´t mean however that I insist on making game based only on these franchises. Again, Im sure we can find a common ground.

Honorable mentions:
- Bionicle - My all time favorite franchise, loved them as a teen. However. I don´t expect to make a game about them unless I pay someone for the art
- Rick & Morty - My first attempt at VN, using art from the show and thanks to simple character design I though I could make some "OKish" sex scenes before I find an artist. Then I found Rick & Morty - A way back home and realized that without dedicated artist I have no chance of success with that game. Also our general plot was similar as well!

I don´t want to create original theme.

Also, all of these offers are Rev-Share :/

Thanks for your help, best regards!

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