(CLOSED) At The End of Reality (GxB, GxG, dating sim) [Kickstarter funding]

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(CLOSED) At The End of Reality (GxB, GxG, dating sim) [Kickstarter funding]

#1 Post by NightmareWeaverz » Mon Oct 05, 2020 1:14 pm

Five years ago, the fabric of reality was torn open. Creatures capable of bending and breaking the laws of nature came into existence, a mix of human, animal and plant. Abnormalities. Their goal? Curing the Earth of humanity’s pollution and restoring it to its original, healthy state.
Today, the humans have fallen and the world is split between three empires ruled by abnormalities. A human tailor, who makes clothes for the irregular bodies of such creatures is offered three job opportunities.
However, she soon discovered she isn’t only expected to sew. When your boss is an all-powerful emperor and they turn to you for advice, will you use the opportunity to change the world? Whose side will you take? And what will happen when you fall in love in the mean time?

Hello, all who read this. I am an artist, writer and, hopefully, a game developer in the future. You may call me Mara :) I am currently trying to create a post-apocalyptic dating sim and I have come to the conclusion that I can’t do it alone.

Although I can't say for sure yet, the game may end up having age restrictions because of the dark topics it contains. However, there will be no explicit sexual content.

3 routes (30-40 thousand words each)
15 endings (2 good ones and 3 bad ones for each route)
Between 15 to 20 backgrounds
25 CGs
15 sprites

Development so far
I plan on writing a good part of the plot for this game and drawing the game sprites and CGs. Up until now, I’ve designed the three main love interests, I’ve created a basic outline for two of the routes and I’ve finished a first draft of the prologue.

What I’m looking for

WRITERS (my top priority right now): closed


GUI ARTIST: closed



EDITOR: closed

This is going to be a commercial game, but I plan on starting a kickstarter for it, since my funds are incredibly limited. This means that whoever decides to work with me will most likely get paid after the kickstarter and the demo are released.

If you are interested in working with me, you may contact me using one of the following:
Email: nightmare.weaverz@gmail.com
Discord: NightmareWeavers#2152
Or my pms here
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Re: (OPEN) At The End of Reality (GxB, GxG, dating sim) [Kickstarter funding]

#2 Post by kittylove94 » Tue Nov 24, 2020 2:36 pm

Sent you a request! I am looking to do the GUI :)

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