Seeking Artist for Glass Heart(Closed)

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Seeking Artist for Glass Heart(Closed)

#1 Post by Sleipnir56 » Thu Feb 12, 2015 6:30 pm

I'm in real need of an artist for game of mine called Glass Heart. I've been working hard on this game for over a year now, but took a break due to some writer's block. Now though I've decided to invest more time into it and finally get it out as a visual novel =). So if you're someone who doesn't mind talking with me on Skype, is friendly and creative, and loves visual novels then please send me a note :mrgreen: .

What I need~

I need someone who is reliable and trustworthy. I'm not going to lie in that I'm a bit afraid to commission due to some bad experiences in the past. So please, be someone who will not drop this, who likes the project, and has a passion for working on visual novels. Also you've got to be okay with BxB and doing mature scenes. They game will not be explicit but will have mature elements.

Right now there are three guys and two girls for the game. I might add one or two more but it depends on the story. Each will have at least three outfits and six to eight expressions. I'm going to wait before giving the main character their looks till I have these four done because their sprites are the most important. Besides that, I would also like you to have Skype. Even if I'm paying, I'd like input from my artist about the story and how it should go. I'm also fine with artist freedom.

You must be okay with with drawing chunky/chubby characters since Miraj is on the heavy side and Liam is a but chunky.


I'm willing to pay between 15-25 dollars per sprite. For outfits and expressions I don't have a price, so please tell me your prices on these. Also with the sprites if you have higher prices please still contact me. This isn't the finalized price. I'm setting it like this due to the funds I have. If you're higher I might be able to pay or am willing to come to some compromise. In the end payment really does depend on the artist.


Due to the vast styles on here I'm not going to have a single one. I'm open to what anyone gives me and I'll see if it works with what I'm trying to do, so please don't hesitate to send examples in =).


Like I said this is a romance story that focuses on insecure characters and how they grow as a person Their is no instant romance either and you'll actually have to get to know the guy before you fall in love. Friendship is also a theme due to how some choices will lead the player to a friendship path also.

Also the game will have some mature themes in it and sex but nothing explicit. This game is meant to tell a story and the sex is not to be the main focus. There is death in the game as well since the characters aren't as stable as they may seem, so it might get a bit dark.


Like I said I prefer to work with someone on a friendly basis even if I'm paying. I really like to hear ideas from the people I'm working with. Skype is the best way for me but email is okay as well as long as you use it. Also, if you're not someone who does this, please at least give me updates at least once a week.

How to apply~

Send me a note on Lemmasoft about your prices and examples of your work. Also please give me an idea of how long you're willing to work on the sprites and if you're okay with it being mature and are able to draw the certain body type I have for the protagonists.

If you have any questions please send them too me in a pm.

And here's some info on the characters as well.

A social out cast who either spends her time reading, writing, or blogging. Miraj doesn't have much care for being popular or having many friends. She's find with the two she's got and is content with her way of life. Sadly her mom doesn't feel the same way and often belittles her daughter about how she doesn't have much of a love life. Despite being awkward and a bit strange, Miraj does have a good heart and is often one to try and help those who might be in trouble. She is a bit self conscious of herself though due to her heavy stature but is slowly becoming positive on her looks. Unlike Rei she isn't a firm believer of love due to a bad heart break and has often found ways around Rei's attempt to get her a boyfriend. When not blogging or writing, she can often be found either playing video games or sleeping.


A laid back guy who has absolutely no idea what he wants in life. Klain is in college with the hopes of maybe getting some sort of direction for himself. Sadly with his lazy nature and love for comic books, he's going in a bad direction. The only thing he seems sure about is his passion for music and how he wants to be a musician. Similar to his sister he doesn't get along well with his parents, but more so since he doesn't really want to be in school. Though quiet and at times off in his own little world, Klain is actually very kind and smart when one gives him the chance. Sadly he' messed things up with the relationship with his family and due to his love for them he finds it hard to do the right things compared to what his own heart wants. Also has spouts of randomness.


A rich boy who believes the world revolves around him. Jude will due just about anything to be the center of attention. He loves women and money, and will do anything to get them. But don't let his look fool you. Jude also has a bit of a secret and and is actually part of a fight club. Like Skye though, Jude is highly intelligent and has excelled in many of the advanced classes. He's really only coming to school in order to escape from having to get a job. Despite his rather rude attitude though, Jude is quite emotional and suffers from depression. He doesn't know that he's constantly being watched. Longs to also escape what society expects of him.


A certified genius who finds school too easy. Skye is a cold and very distant guy who will easily tell off those his believes wrong, including his teachers. Though attractive and smart, many girls are put off by his cocky and know it all attitude. Of course Skye doesn't care much and only seems to really concern himself with a strange project he's doing. Strangely though he seems to have a slight crush on Rei and often sees her as the perfect model for his 'project'. Skye can also be considered a bit of a perv and isn't afraid to tell a girl about what flaw she has. But he's not an all around bad guy. In fact, Skye use to be just like Miraj and was shy yet very compassionate. Sadly this changed when he was betrayed by someone important to him.
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Re: Seeking Artist for Glass Heart(GxB,BxB,Collge Life,Drama

#2 Post by noeinan » Fri Feb 13, 2015 6:32 pm

I was following you before the break, glad you're back! I sent you a pm.


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