Seeking Anime Artist for In His Eyes (Closed)

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Seeking Anime Artist for In His Eyes (Closed)

#1 Post by Sleipnir56 » Sat May 16, 2015 8:59 pm

So a while back I decided to take a break from an old game of mine. Finding an artist wasn't easy, the writing was slow, and I suffered from major depression. Now though I feel like this game could have much more to it and I really want to make it. Why? Well because it offers something I've always wanted- a big main character. The story doesn't only follow her though but also the relationships she has with the characters around her. Love is also not certain in this game and I'm here to make it realistic as possible. What is a major difference though is Takumi will have a male counterpart Taiko. Besides that and maybe some more guys nothing has changed much.

What I need-

An artist who will not drop me and will have passion for this story. Like I said it's important to me and I've been trying to make a game like this since being on this site. Please don't just do it for the money. I actually want someone who will give me advice on things and maybe even tips. I know this may sound strange but this game is dear to me and hopefully others once it comes out.

As for style I'm looking for either anime or semi realistic. It greatly depends on the art. I know there are amazing artists on here who don't have that common anime style and I'm totally open for it. It's just anime style is what I'm sue to.

You must have Skype or email as well. If you prefer on her then please just make sure you're on from time to time. That's all I ask.

For the characters for now I have the two guys I've worked with in the older draft Yusuke and Minato. Like I said I've decided to maybe add one or two more guys, so in total it will be five since there is also Yusuke's brother. For now though I want to focus on them. Each character will have a single pose, about four outfits, and 8-12 expressions. Only Yusuke is planned to have a change in hair halfway through the story.


I don't really have rates since it always varies. I will ask you keep things reasonable though. Do know however I'm pretty easy with pricing. I want to make this game as professional as I can. I also only go through paypal

So that's about it. I'm hoping to find an artist soon for this. The game is on the medium side, so things may go by quickly. I will not rush you though because I know people have lives outside of games.

If you're interest at all in this and are passionate about VN's then please send me a pm =). Hope to work with someone soon.

And here's some info on the game. Taken from the old thread

Plot-"When she looks into the mirror she sees an ugly duckling, yet when he looks into the mirror his sees a swan. But when he tells her these words of her being beautiful, she cannot hear him. Instead, she frays away from the world and hides her heart deep with the shadows, letting no one know who she really is. But he still longs for her, and will stop at nothing to show her the true beauty she is."
Premise-You play as Takumi, a lazy yet friendly girl who has suffered from deep depression since she was a kid. Now with her final year of high school, Takumi has made it her life's mission to do one thing out of the ordinary and finally tell Yusuke, her best friend, her feelings for him even if he rejects her. But when a certain someone tells her off and makes fun of her weight, Takumi goes back into her depressive state and slowly drifts away from her Yusuke. Enter Minato, a strange yet shy boy who has a love for anything otaku. As the two grow closer together, Takumi slowly gains a new sense of happiness for herself. But she can't run away from her friend, especially when she begins to recall an incident from her past that nearly cost Yusuke his life. With this in her mind, will she leave her friend and stay away from the pain of unrequited love, or will she face up to the mistake she had in Yusuke's life?
Takumi-A lazy yet kind hearted girl who has a love for anime and food. Because of her weight, she is constantly bullied at school which often triggers her depression. Despite this, she does her best to get through school and tries to graduate in order to have a life. Personality wise, Takumi is very tomboyish and is a bit unreliable. However, she is a friendly girl and makes it her life motto to always do one good deed a day. She is best friends with Yusuke and, though she hates to admit it, has a small crush on him. However, because of his many admirers, Takumi has kept her emotions in check and does her best to be a good friend. Has a deep obsession with anime as well, and can let it take over her life at times.
Yusuke-Takumi's best friend. Unlike Takumi, Yusuke takes school seriously in a way, yet isn't afraid to ditch class when he finds it too boring. Despite being quite popular in school, Yusuke isn't really interested in the girls that pursue him. In fact, he's made an oath to not date till college. He cares deeply for Takumi and is worried about her mental health even though she's been declared as mentally stable. At times, Yusuke can come off as being a jerk due to his short-temper, but he is a good natured guy, who longs to see his friend be a success. However, he does have some few dark secrets that he hides from Takumi, one being someone he use to date. Has a passion for books and horror movies.
Minato-A shy yet eccentric guy that Takumi and Yusuke help save from a bunch of bullies. Though attending school, Minato is on the verge of becoming a Hikikomori due to his obsession with anime, video games, and dating sims. Personality wise, Minato is very axious and has a bad habit of saying the wrong things at the right time. Due to Yusuke saving him so much, Minato idolizes him a bit and secretly longs to be like him. Still, despite being shy and anti-social, Minato is gentle and tries his best to do right. However, he does have a tendency to find himself in certain situations with girls and has been labeled as a pervert, despite not truly being one. It's because of this that he also has a fear of girls. Has a talent in hacking.
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Re: Seeking Anime Artist for In His Eyes (Otome,BL,Drama)

#2 Post by truefaiterman » Sun May 17, 2015 7:48 am

I just sent you a PM, I really love what I read so far about your characters!
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Re: Seeking Anime Artist for In His Eyes (Otome,BL,Drama)

#3 Post by catnapy » Sun May 17, 2015 6:05 pm

Sent you a PM ^^

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