Looking for Artist for Small Game The Sweet Giant (Closed)

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Looking for Artist for Small Game The Sweet Giant (Closed)

#1 Post by infel » Sat May 30, 2015 1:14 am

So I thought it would be cool if I did a small game about a giant. I'm currently working on another project and planning for an old one. I'm in real need of something simple though and actually have been thinking about this for some time. Hopefully I can make it come to life with the right help :mrgreen: .

About the story- The game will focus on Felix and Cam, two giant boys who struggle in a world that doesn't accept them. Their lives change though when Felix befriends Akai, the strange prince who not only attracts bad luck but also seems to have a love for dark and gory things. As they become closer Cam's and Felix's lives will change. Friendships will form, lies will become truths, and two giants who never thought love was possible for them will realize just how untrue that really is.

What I need-

For now just a sprite artist who is good at drawing bigger characters. There will only be the four guys Cam, Felix, Akai, and Adel. Each will have at least two outfits. As for expressions I'm guessing about 8-12. There might be some sub characters but they'll only have one outfit and likely only four expressions as this game is a focus on these four guys. Also you have to not only be okay with BxB but also mature elements as I'm planning for this to have smut scenes though they won't be explicit.

And also you must be someone open to the story I'm doing. I prefer an active artist who is willing to give advice and thoughts on this project. This story is important to me despite being short and I want to make this as best as I can. Also it will be done rather quickly but I won't make things stressful. I get life happens =).


Since I've got another project I only have a certain amount for this game. It's not going to be commercial either. I'm totally open to see the prices artists have but I'd like to keep the rates reasonable.

Email or on here =). Skype isn't working for me well sadly ;_;.

Anyway if you're interested at all please let me know =). I'm excited for this small project. Oh and here are the main guys. Hope they're interesting.


Felix- A kind giant who has a passion for cooking and poetry. Due to being a giant Felix struggles with self confidence and often is shy when meeting others. Though a good number in town have come to like him, Felix is fully aware of how many are either afraid of him or loath him for what he is. Still he lives through his days as positive as he can and tries his best to help others even if they treat him badly. Felix though holds a deep fear in himself and the temper which he is always fighting to keep hidden away. Like most of his kind if he is angered enough he will go on a rampage. With the help of Cam though he has learned to not let his negative feelings get the better of him....well mostly.

Akai- Prince of Arvin but one wouldn't know that since he's always out by himself. Akai is an odd guy. He looks gloomy, has a like for gory things, and seems to always want to be alone. In truth though Akai is a sweet but rather quiet guy. He's awkward around others, espcially girls, and has a way of always causing bad luck when he's nervous. It's because of this that Akai has few friends and is always on his own. If one gets to know him though they will find that he is actually very lonely which is proved by how he always is in his own little fantasy world. Is also secretly into romance and is actually a skilled necromancer.

Cam-Younger brother of Felix and also a giant though he looks more human. Unlike Felix, Cam has become slightly bitter to the world and is the one to bring Felix to the reality of how life really is for them. Though he may seem cold and at times serious Cam does care for his brother deeply and just wants the both of them to be happy. Sadly he doesn't have it easy since he's always trying to be perfect at everything. With little room for fun or pleasures, Cam's life always seems stressful.

Adel-Akai's older half brother. Unlike Akai, Adel loves being a prince. He loves the parties, the riches and most of all the women. Sadly he has little care for learning the ways of being a monarch and is always causing trouble around town. Arrogant, proud and not very trustful the only one who seems to see his true good side is Akai and even they don't always see eye to eye. Still Adel knows how to have fun and isn't one to like bullies. Though seemingly confident, Adel is often one to be subjected to abuse at the hands of his dad. Is skilled with elemental magic.
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Re: Looking for Artist for Small Game The Sweet Giant(BxB)

#2 Post by Yohoshi_Tsuki » Wed Jun 03, 2015 3:36 am

I think I am up for this task if you want.
My old deviant-art is here if you want to look at it http://yohoshi-tsuki.deviantart.com/
This is what I can do (I can change the style if you want):

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Re: Looking for Artist for Small Game The Sweet Giant(BxB)

#3 Post by Washu_Ira » Wed Jul 08, 2015 12:03 pm

Quick question. When you say bigger guys do you mean big in girth or muscle thickness? I would like to make sure I'm imagining you characters correctly

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