Looking for fantasy background artist - Pale Spectrum

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Looking for fantasy background artist - Pale Spectrum

#1 Post by Geckos » Mon Jul 25, 2016 2:12 pm

We here at Ithaqua Labs are looking for a background artist for our game Pale Spectrum. Attached are a few existing backgrounds to give you an example of style.

We either want to hire someone from start to finish, or hire someone for just the sketch/lines of the background which I would then paint over. Whether you are a 3d artist and hand me a modeled bg to paint over, or sketch something from the ground up is fine.

I am the only artist currently on the project and perspective just absolutely destroys me. I do not enjoy interiors.

We are potentially interested in hiring someone for up to 3 backgrounds, maybe more as we get further into the game, and like your style/pricing.

Backgrounds that we would be looking for:

Fantasy Marketplace
Fantasy/medieval Kitchen
Great Hall

We are looking for someone in the $60 - $150 price range. If you're going to ask for $150, it should be for the fully rendered background, not just a sketch or lines. We will need commercial rights to any images we hire you for, as this is a commercial game.

You can either post here or contact us at ithaquaLabs [at] gmail [dot] com with examples of your work/pricing.

Examples of style:
Here are a few backgrounds for the game that you can look at to see if your style might be what we're looking for. (click to enlarge)
Image ImageImage

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Re: Looking for fantasy background artist - Pale Spectrum

#2 Post by SelLi » Fri Aug 19, 2016 8:59 am

I've sent you an E-mail. :)

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Re: Looking for fantasy background artist - Pale Spectrum

#3 Post by SpoiledChestnut » Fri Aug 19, 2016 3:58 pm

Hello there! I'm interested in the work if you're still looking for a BG artist. I'm still working on my portfolio page here on the site but I have a medieval/fantasy webcomic I also work on that you can read at http://www.highwaymencomic.tumblr.com! I could certainly attempt to emulate the style you've used as reference as well, this is just my most current background work.

EDIT: I should mention, the first handful of pages are from over a year ago and the backgrounds really show it. The newer stuff is far more in line with the style you're looking for or, if nothing else, demonstrates an understanding of the setting. I think this would be a good experience to learn new techniques for background and landscape work for me.

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