Angel/Demons Otome VN Looking for a Writer (OPEN)

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Angel/Demons Otome VN Looking for a Writer (OPEN)

#1 Post by lunaistar » Thu Sep 08, 2016 8:44 pm

Hello a friend and I are making an angel/demon love triangle story and are in need of a writer(and proofreader if possible). We are working in Visual Novelty and my friend and I will be working on/taking care of all the artwork, visual novelty editing, music, and most of the gui. As you can see it's already a lot of work on us so we'd like some help.

Title: angel plus

Summary: The story is about females being angels and males being demons who once become of age are challenged to become the king/queen and titled the champion of angels/demons by doing good deeds or, for the demons mischievous deeds. They tend to fight a lot so it is quite difficult to accomplish this. One angel named Mayoi Kamioka is aiming to become the top queen after the person she admires became one when suddenly an accident causes her to lose her left wing! The wings are very precious to an angel so she will get disqualified in 7 days if she doesn't get it back. Desperate to find a way to get her wing back she comes across a boy whom knows how to get her wing back and get her to the top! Can the boy really get her to the top?

genre: romance, drama, and a little bit of comedy

other things you should know:

There are 3 game endings with one being bad and the other 2 where you end up with one of the boys. the bad ending is where time is up and she's disqualified, or a demon does a bad deed and puts the blame on mayoi, causing her to lose all her points. (this part we're not sure yet until we get a writer)

The angel’s wings hold mayoi’s angelic powers and with one cut off it makes her lose half of her luck, holy powers, etc. plus she can’t fly so she is left out in Angel games and watches others play without her.

kouhei hirano and ren hattori (Ren is the Mysterious main char and Kouhei is the boy that wishes to become an Angel.)

Mayoi kamioka data: she is a nice helpful girl who likes to have fun and dress up. She is not afraid of demons nor does she like to fight them and wants to find peace between the 2. She is 5’5”, 30 years old in angel years, with dark red hair and blue eyes. She met Ren at the bar and visits from time to time to rant about her problems.

Kouhei is a cheerful lively boy who wants to become an angel. He is not afraid to speak his mind nor is he afraid to do what he wants. He is 30 years old in demon years, 5’ 7”, and with orange eyes. He wants to be the first king as an angel. But since he’s been doing nothing but good deeds, he hasn’t been getting any points. In the Kouhei ending he becomes an angel, but doesn’t become king since he didn’t have enough points. But still he asks Mayoi to marry him.

rens data: ... NLEB8NtPBN (ren is a tsundere who easily gets jealous)

At age 30 in angel/demon years and on a certain year angels and demons are challenged with tasks in order to become the top angel/demon of their realms and become king/queen of both. The rules are simple; do good deeds/bad deeds in order to score points, each deed is worth 1 point. If you do a bad deed though when you are supposed to do a good deed or mess up a deed/do it halfway you lose points. There is no way to get less than 0 points. If anyone fail to win 1200 points in 2 years they lose. Angels/demons rarely become king/queen so they run as king/queen for a long while until a replacement is made.

Ren has 1 more year left to get points and already has a lot of points and is a year older than mayoi.

character and logo concept images


We can't have our background done yet until we get a writer so we know where everything will happen first, and we can't do the expressions yet either for the sprites until we know what will be used.

What we're looking for: someone with experience with writing/vns and is passionate and able to work on a deadline. They should also be good with character development and romance/drama/comedy genres. The word count we're looking for is around 30k(we're reaching 2 hour gameplay so I think it needs more based on a word count tool I used). I'd like to keep this game pg-13.

You will be paid upfront(or half for first half done and half with last half done whichever you accept). This is our first game and we don't work/we go to school so we have a tight budget, so we only will be able to pay $100 and under. The first deadline to have 75% done is dec. 31st depending on when we get our writer.

Please pm me all 3 samples of the genres we are doing if you are interested in joining our team. It doesn't have to be long it can be a paragraph long for each genre sample. We'd like good/prompt communication and teamwork please. I check the inbox every day so I can get back to anyone quickly. We'd like to get a writer as soon as possible.
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Re: Angel/Demons Otome VN Looking for a Writer (OPEN)

#2 Post by wifom » Thu Sep 08, 2016 9:00 pm

If you're willing to pay people up front and not through a Kickstarter/rev-share model, I believe this thread goes under the "We are offering paid work" sub-forum. You'll probably find more applicants and visibility there too! ^^

Good luck!
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Re: Angel/Demons Otome VN Looking for a Writer (OPEN)

#3 Post by Taleweaver » Fri Sep 09, 2016 2:00 am

wifom wrote:If you're willing to pay people up front and not through a Kickstarter/rev-share model, I believe this thread goes under the "We are offering paid work" sub-forum. You'll probably find more applicants and visibility there too! ^^

Good luck!

Thread moved.
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Re: Angel/Demons Otome VN Looking for a Writer (OPEN)

#4 Post by StellaPurple » Mon Sep 26, 2016 10:46 pm


I am accepting writing commission, if you're interested.

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