[PAID] Video Trailer Needed - Seeking Applicants [CLOSED]

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[PAID] Video Trailer Needed - Seeking Applicants [CLOSED]

#1 Post by Crazy Cactus » Thu Oct 06, 2016 12:29 pm



Hi there,

I have some people that I've reached out to but would also like to post the following here:

Our Company: Crazy Cactus Entertainment LLC
Our Project: Maid Mansion, (18+)
Link: viewtopic.php?f=43&t=40646

What I Need: Video Trailer / Marketing Trailer / Basic Info Trailer (description)

I need a trailer that's about 1:30 to 2:00 minutes long that shows our game, its assets, uses a sample of our own background music, and goes through each character and some overall captions about the story itself to get people intrigued, to get people interested in the game enough to support our Kickstarter when we go live. And yes, this will be the same trailer we will use for our Kickstarter page as well.

As far as how well our project is going, all except one sprite is fully done, CGs for demo are halfway done, GUI is completed, and there are plenty of texts and banners you can incorporate into the video, if you are inspired to do so.

TO APPLY: Contact me privately with the following information...
1) Your fates/fees for such services (can link me a chart, list, pdf, anything)
2) Samples of previous work, preferably a YouTube link to video or previous Kickstarter campaign you've helped.
3) Your name or alias for such work (to give credit, if you are hired)

DEADLINE TO APPLY: Midnight EST, Monday, Oct 11th
I need applicants to respond to me as quickly as possible as I need to keep things moving for our current November 8th, 2016 launch date on Kickstarter.

Maid Mansion is a commercial project, and that commissioned work you do, should you be hired by us, will be as a work-for-hire, meaning that while you will of course receive credit, all ownership of said work, (after payment), will belong to Crazy Cactus Entertainment LLC.


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