Seeking Background Artist for The Human Reignition Project

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Seeking Background Artist for The Human Reignition Project

#1 Post by Raithfyre » Wed Nov 09, 2016 10:52 pm

Hi there!

We're Alienworks, and we're seeking an additional background artist for our game The Human Reignition Project. Clicking that link will take you to our admittedly outdated WIP thread, which has a link to an equally outdated demo.

In a nutshell, HRP is a romance and thriller game set in Japan (I know, I know). We had a successful Kickstarter campaign last year and are hoping to finish the game by mid-2017. Finally, you can see our most recent trailer for the game just below. It includes our opening theme "REIGNITE," which was composed by the music group Arte Refact, who have written songs for Love Live and IDOLM@STER, and vocals were performed by the popular Japanese singer Sasaki Sayaka.

Okay, now that I've talked about us enough, here's what we're looking for specifically:

As mentioned, we need a supplementary BG artist, not just a new one, which means that work will be split with our current artist, Zydaline. As such, it's important that the style be as close to hers as possible. Please see the attached images for examples (and forgive the silly watermark). While we don't yet know the exact number of backgrounds we'll be needing from the new artist, I would anticipate it to be around 30-40, ideally by March of next year. The deadline is negotiable, though, because I realize what a large workload that is.

Pretty much all of the BG's will be urban settings or interiors, and city skylines are a big part of the aesthetic. We do our best to provide real-world and photographic references when we can, though. Payment is negotiable and ideally will be through PayPal, though if you have a preferred alternative we can try to make that work. Communication is primarily via Slack, though Discord or, heaven forbid, Skype are also acceptable. The game does include explicit BxG sexual content.

You can of course reach me here in the thread, via PM, or via any of the contact methods linked on my profile. If you add me on Skype, please include a message mentioning why so I don't think you're a bot! \o/

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