[Closed] Looking for Vocalist (Lullaby Acapella)

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[Closed] Looking for Vocalist (Lullaby Acapella)

#1 Post by Plueschkatze » Thu Feb 23, 2017 10:11 am

Hello everyone!
I just joined this forums after I read about NaNoRenO a few days ago.

Found someone. Thank you! :)

About me:
My name's Plueschkatze, I'm an artist and indiegamedev that's just about to release her first full game in about a week, at the end of febuary.
References: itch.io (up now is a demo/alpha of my first game, also a gamejam entry)
Since I have time for another project then, I'd like to join NaNoRenO 2017!

What I'm looking for:
I'm searching for a female vocalist capable of doing a melodie/lullaby
either by humming or via "ah" or "la" sounds. I'm open for ideas.
The song would be based upon a track my composer creates.
I'm looking for a sweet and clear voice.
I'm aiming for a track that's around 20-30secs long.
Deadline would be around the middle of march! (so 2-3 weeks from now)

Also I'm writing this down in the commercial section,
because I'd like to make use of the "pay what you want" opportunity on itch.io once the game is released.

Sadly my budget for this is veeery limited.

If you are interessted feel free to send me work samples and rates.

- Plueschkatze
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Re: Looking for Vocalist (Lullaby Acapella)

#2 Post by MercyMayhem » Wed Mar 15, 2017 7:04 am

Pm'd you :)

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