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Live2D Animator Using Existing Sprites

Posted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 8:38 pm
by Dharker
Dharker.Studio is currently looking for an artist or animator with experience and knowledge of using Live2D or a similar program for creating animated characters for our current game development Basketball Girls, which sees the player managing an all girls baskerball team, it will include 11+ characters.

Job Overview:

We are looking for someone to take our original characters sprites and create a variety of different animations within the program and output them in a format we can use within renpy to create more realistic and interesting animated characters on screen.

Please contact us via the contacts page with information on your past experience, your knowledge level of Live2D or similar software and any examples of your work with the software, which we can use to determine if you are suitable.

Ideally some art skill is also needed, as some of the layered sprite sets we provide may need a minor amount of editing.

Please provide full contact details as well as skype details as out preferred method of communication for ongoing contractors:

Contact form can be found here:

Re: Live2D Animator Using Existing Sprites

Posted: Tue Jul 18, 2017 2:16 am
by Taleweaver

if you wish to recruit people through our forums, you need to name (and describe) the specific project you're recruiting them for, as our requirements for recruitment state:
All threads in which someone is looking for people to join a team, from now on, are required to contain all of the following three pieces of information:

1) An overview of the project, or a link to an overview. Recruitment threads that are not created for a specific project but generally for a company or organization of sorts ("headhunting threads") will no longer be allowed in this forum.

2) A description of what sort of work needs to be done, for example "Need a character artist" or "Need a script writer". For commissions, we strongly suggest giving an estimate of how much of that work will be necessary. (Examples: "Four character sprites in 4-5 poses each" or "A dialogue script of approximately 60,000 words")

3) A description of what work has been completed on the project, if any.
Please make the necessary changes.