[CLOSED]Hiring Background Artist for High Fantasy VN[GxG]

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[CLOSED]Hiring Background Artist for High Fantasy VN[GxG]

#1 Post by Farryn » Tue Sep 05, 2017 6:54 pm

Seeking background artist for an indie queer visual novel.

Diplomatic Relations
You're the Princess of Dealtry, set to marry the Khan of Bayan to cement an alliance between your countries. But your bride-to-be is proving elusive, and there's more than one distraction to be found in your new home.

Game details:
-High Fantasy, Alternate Universe setting
-Queer protagonist, 3 female love interests

Current status:
-Outlines: 100%
-Scripts: 23%
-Sprites: 50%
-Music: 20%

Job Details:
- ~20 Backgrounds
- Time of Day variants for approx. half
- BGs will vary from generic roads, to castle fronts, to training grounds, to personalized rooms for main characters

See the following thread for sample sprite styles:

More examples can be provided upon request in private.

Important Others:
-This game will have PG-13/romantically mature content, 18+ artists only please
-Project will be commercial, but art will be paid for ahead of time(Paypal preferred)
-This game has a soft release date of Summer 2018, so we have a somewhat flexible schedule

If interested, please email me(Subj: VN BGs) at dingbatsanddweebs@yahoo.com or send a pm here with the following information:
-Samples of your work/portfolio
-Average prices
-Average additional price for Time of Day versions
-Contact information

Thank you for your time,

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