[Closed] Hiring Character, BG, and GUI Artists for "Tsun Rising"

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[Closed] Hiring Character, BG, and GUI Artists for "Tsun Rising"

#1 Post by Belgerum » Sat Sep 23, 2017 10:06 pm

Applications closed on October 5th.

Thank you to everyone who applied! I received a large number of applicants and am very satisfied with the pool of talent that I found. I will be contacting the artists I think will best fit this project in the next few days.


Hello, I'm Belgerum. I'm a VN developer, with skills in Music, Sound design, Writing, Editing, Programming, and even a tiny amount of voice acting on the side. I've been working together with Seventh Heart Studios on the kickstarted VN game "Eternal Hour," and I have almost finished the Soundtrack for Crazy Cactus Entertainment's game "Maid Mansion."

I have extensive experience with development in the renpy engine, but a lot of the projects I have worked on have been favoring larger games that take a longer time to finish. I'm looking to try to make a small, commercial game with a small team in a short period of time.

I can fill in the roles of writer, editor, programmer, and musician, but unfortunately, I have very little skill working with visual art.

I am looking to find a team of artists who can work together to bring this new project to life!

I've spent a few weeks planning out and refining ideas for the game, and Tsun Rising is the result.

Tsun Rising will be a short romantic comedy game, adding a new twist to popular tropes in dating sim games and harem anime set in modern high-school settings. Instead of playing as the boy at the center of a harem, the game plays from the perspective of one of the girls trying to win his love, a tsundere childhood friend named Kana.

As you make choices, you must play well to the strengths of a tsundere in order to win him over before the mysterious, beautiful transfer student steals his heart. Act too harsh and violent, and he will dislike you, but acting too sweet may land you in the friend zone. There will be a number of different endings depending on your choices, including a romantic ending, bad endings where the rival girl wins, a harem ending, and more.

Here is a sample of music work I made for this project, which will likely be used in a video trailer for the game once we have the assets for it.

The game will be released in two versions, one which is SFW, and another which contains additional mature content.


I'm looking for an art style that can bring out the goofy, comedic side of romantic comedy in anime. The game should look cute, playful and gentle, NOT gritty or realistic. The characters should be attractive and cute, with an anime-like artstyle. The GUI should complement the comedic nature of the game with a fun-looking presentation.

The game's storyline and most of the required art assets are already planned in advance, and I am looking for a February or March 2018 final release, all assets being required before that date. I am also planning to release a short demo before the final release for promotional purposes, which is planned for December 2017, and will act as a milestone in the game's development.

It is important to keep in contact through a platform that uses group chat, be it Facebook, Skype or Discord. Currently, all of the plans for individual assets are organized on a Trello board, which allows us to work and organize quickly and efficiently.

The game will be made in 1080p resolution, so art assets will need to be fairly large. CG and Backgrounds will be needed at a resolution of at least 3840 x 2160 pixels, which is twice the resolution of the game window.

Payments will be negotiated directly with each artist. I can work with upfront payment (as each asset is done) if needed.


I've divided up the workload into Character art, Background Art, and GUI Art.

---- Character Art ----

Character Art includes Sprite Art and full-screen CG Art. I will provide text descriptions and image examples for everything needed as we advance.

There are three characters in total:
- Kana, the protagonist of the story. A tsundere girl with blonde twintails and a small body.
- Yuu, the boy who is Kana's love interest. A generic "male protagonist" with spiky hair, he's laid-back and unmotivated for schoolwork.
- Misaki, a beautiful transfer student who falls in love with Yuu at first sight. Has long blue hair, and a "well-endowed" body.

Each character will need sprites. Ideally, each character will have around 12 different facial expressions, divided between 2-3 poses.

Kana, as the protagonist, will only need side images to display beside the textbox, from shoulders up. The other two will be displayed above the textbox and moved around, so they should ideally be full-body, and plenty large so they can be zoomed in and out. Somewhere around 3500-4000 pixels in height would be great.

There are currently 9 CG planned for the base game, including promotional art, and various special moments of the story. I will also need 4 CG for the "mature content" patch, depicting NSFW content. That makes a final total of 13 CG. All CG will include at least 2 characters, and ideally have 2-3 variants with character expression changes.

---- Background Art ----

The artist will create the game's background images and settings. So far, there are 7 planned in total:

- School classroom
- School hallway
- School rooftop
- School library
- Generic urban street
- Kana's bedroom
- Yuu's bedroom

---- GUI Art ----

The GUI part of the game includes the game's menus, interface, buttons and such. It is not required to code the GUI, since I can take care of that, but the GUI will be needed in layered files (PSD, for example), so that individual parts can be exported and worked with.

The assets required will include:
- Game Title/Logo Image
- Game Executable/Window Icon
- The Main Menu Screen
- Textbox + buttons
- NVL Mode screen
- save/load screens
- Settings screens
- Choice buttons
- yes/no confirm screen
- CG gallery/Scene replay
- Music Room
- Endings/Progress Room (optional)
- Custom Mouse Cursor (optional)
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Re: Hiring Character, BG, and GUI Artists for "Tsun Rising" (paid)

#2 Post by Belgerum » Thu Sep 28, 2017 10:24 pm

Thank you to everyone who has applied thus far! I've already received a good number of applications for all three positions, and couldn't be happier to have such great talent to choose from!

I've looked over every portfolio sent, even if I don't have time to respond to every one. Please understand!

Applications will close on October 5th, in less than a week from now, and I will be deciding on the artists I want to work with soon after. Until then, feel free to send me messages with questions and offers.

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Re: Hiring Character, BG, and GUI Artists for "Tsun Rising" (paid)

#3 Post by CeeCeeVA » Wed Oct 04, 2017 12:57 pm

Awesome! I look forward to seeing this through ^.^
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