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(+18/Paid) Need 3 M Voice Actors for VN TRAILER (Closed)

Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 10:21 am
by johandark

-It´s a FREE Interactive Visual Novel that offers a large number of decisions
that will allow you to reach satisfactory endings unless you have chosen wrongly.-

I have already a Music Composer and a Video Editor.

But I need voice actors.

I made a TEST-TRAILER with my lame voice in all characters to know more or less how long could be the video.

Things take in consideration:

- Take in mind is for an Adult Project. (Even now I´m hiring only for Trailer, in future I could hire you again for giving voice to the whole game).
- I prefer natural voice, not forced ones like I heard around... but if your talent allows to do different kind of voices sounding natural, I could be interested.
- Neus voice must sound natural, not too mature, not too childish, like a normal young woman. Innocent and malicious at same time, mysterious character.
- Narrator is something I´m not sure if I ´m gonna end up using, it depends if I find a great voice that sound deep in your mind when you hear it.
- Didac Male should sound strong but young, proud to be a great sport guy.
- Main Character is the voice of the player, so it should be a neutral voice.
- Paid Through: Paypal
- Deadline for Demo Lines: Late January
- Deadline for Complete Lines: Late February 2018

If you´re interested:

- Age Requirement: +18
- Quality: Clear recording on at least a decent mic is needed. No muffling, background noise, etc
- Format: MP3, OGG, or WAV
- Play the game to know better the mood is a plus.


Actress Voices:
Neus (The cute witch).

Actors Voice:
Didac Male (The childhood friend who abused the Witch).
Main Character (The voice of the player).


Write me here or email me to with your Voice Demo(required).
Tell me your price. (Here is the Script).
Title the subject of the email with your name and what position you are applying for. Please include your rates in the e-mail.


Throught paypal.

Patreon of the project.
Play the game FREE throught ITCH.IO or GAMEJOLT.

Re: (+18/Paid) Need 3 M and 1 F Voice Actors/Actress for VN TRAILER

Posted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 4:12 pm
by johandark
I already recived 2 mails testing their skills using NOT "natural voice". If you read "Things to take in consideration", I explain why I prefer natural voice, or one that sounds like that... extremely forced voice like a super-demon or lolicon girl voices sounds (in my opinion) weird or even funny... that´s not what I´m looking for here.

I do prefer better interpretation skills, mystery flavour, uncanny mood, deep natural voice... Those things.

Thanks for your understanding!

Re: (+18/Paid) Need 3 M and 1 F Voice Actors/Actress for VN TRAILER

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 12:15 pm
by johandark
Deadline has increased one month.

Remember to give me your price and your demovoice in your e-mail.


Re: (+18/Paid) Need 3 M Voice Actors for VN TRAILER

Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 8:01 am
by johandark
Femenine Voice is no longer vacant.

I still need thought the 3 different MALE voices.

Until the end of January I´m still being looking for. ^^

Re: (+18/Paid) Need 3 M Voice Actors for VN TRAILER (Closed)

Posted: Sat Feb 03, 2018 3:12 pm
by johandark
Thanks for all your propositions! Since I´ve got all I need, this thread is closed. ;)