[CLOSED] Recruiting an Artist and VA for Free Kinetic Novel (Paid Work)

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[CLOSED] Recruiting an Artist and VA for Free Kinetic Novel (Paid Work)

#1 Post by tnm6 » Sat Jan 06, 2018 4:20 pm

UPDATE (1/17/18): Thanks to everyone for their amazing offers. I have hired a voice actor and artist but will update this post if my hiring needs change in any fashion moving forward.

Hello there!

My name is Toby Maddox, and I am currently looking to recruit an artist and voice actor for “The Wraith” a short kinetic novel, which is a prequel to the game Icebound (http://www.iceboundgame.com/) and is set hundreds of years in the past within the same universe.

The creator of Icebound, Jonathan X, has given me permission to use his intellectual property and will be involved in the game’s development.

While I do not presently have a website set up for the game, please see below for a more in-depth analysis of the project and the recruitment needs.

Overview of the Project

On a macro scale, the kinetic novel is meant to be the first of a series of kinetic novels that are an anthology of events taking place in Permia after the events of the Goddess War.

The individual project at issue is called “The Wraith,” which follows General Vasa’an, a former Archangel of Auris who switched sides to the Knights of Argath during the Goddess War, in the aftermath of the conflict.

Setting of the Game

For those familiar with Icebound lore, the game takes place a decade after the end of the Goddess War. Nearly all of the technology of the Ancients has been rendered unusable and society has regressed to a Dark Age. With the destruction of their home world, humans have fully settled into Permia and have entered into an uneasy truce with the Ferans, the anthropomorphic animal species on the planet. However, as religious and racial divides expand, it is unclear how long the détente will last.

The main character of the story is General Vasa’an, who is an adult female lead in her late 30s.

Writing (Not Currently Recruiting)

The game is approximately 4,500 words long, and the script is 95% completed. Additional edits still need to be made.

User Interface Design (Not Currently Recruiting)

Jonathan X, the creator of Icebound, will be designing the UI for the game.

Music (Not Currently Recruiting)

I presently intend to use free music in the kinetic novel. I will update this thread post if this changes.

Art (Not Currently Recruiting)

In terms of art, I am currently looking for an artist to design 7 CG works of art. In terms of the desired aesthetic, I am looking for something comparable to the “story book” art seen in The Lone Wolf and Pillars of Eternity. The goal is to have the text overlaid on one side of the artwork. The artwork can be in color or in black-and-white. I have attached examples for ease of reference.

Please feel free to respond to this post or message me privately if you are interested in the job. Please provide a few samples of your work and your base rates.

Voice Acting (Not Currently Recruiting)

I am looking for a voice actor to narrate the story and the voiced lines in the game. Because the main character is a female, I am leaning towards having a woman voice the entirety of the game. However, if you are a male voice actor who is interested, please feel free to audition.

If you are interested in auditioning, please respond to this post or message me privately with (i) a link to your voice demo (if you have one), (ii) your rates, and (iii) audio files of the three samples listed below. I do not have a preference as to how you provide the audio files (e.g., an mp3 file or a youtube/soundcloud link are all fine).

Sample 1: Vasa’an suppressed a shiver as the icy rain poured down relentlessly. Hugging the edge of a nearby cliff, she darted into a small alcove, her eyes scanning the shoreline with seasoned precision. Dark clouds were scattered across the sky, an opaque shroud casting the rocky beaches in a dim and foreboding light. The distant waters swayed ominously in the biting wind, their waves crashing against the shorelines with intense ferocity.

Sample 2:No, not gone,” she thought. That was too plain a term for what had happened here – too sterile. The villagers had been butchered like swine, brutalized merely because they existed. Even in the torrential downpour, the blood had not been completely washed away. This had been a massacre by seasoned killers, and the tormentors had clearly enjoyed plying their trade. Looking over their horrific handiwork, Vasa’an knew of only one sect that could employ such savagery.

Sample 3: A steady, slightly high-pitched voice re-focused her attention, and she noticed it came from the Herald. “My dear friends, where are your manners. We have a guest – and a young one at that,” the Herald said. “Please,” he remarked to her, motioning towards the fire, “Take a seat and warm yourself.” His mouth curled into a smile, but Vasa’an noticed there was no mirth in his eyes.

Thanks so much for your time and consideration, and please feel to respond or message me with any comments or concerns!

–Toby Maddox
Art Reference #3.jpg
Art Reference #3 (Pillars of Eternity)
Art Reference #2.jpg
Art Reference #2 (Pillars of Eternity)
Art Reference #1.jpg
Art Reference #1 (The Lone Wolf)
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Re: [OPEN] Recruiting an Artist and VA for Free Kinetic Novel (Paid Work)

#2 Post by SilverTES » Sun Jan 07, 2018 2:18 pm

PM sent.

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Re: [OPEN] Recruiting an Artist and VA for Free Kinetic Novel (Paid Work)

#3 Post by catgame21234 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 2:44 pm


I saw your offoring to the job and was looking to be brought onto the team. In terms of higher detailed backgrounds I have none but the style I can very well emulate and I would be able to produce on that quality level. I just never had a chance to sit down and do them yet.

What you see above are small backgrounds I have made just as exercises but the full focus was on the characters. The same attention level of attention. For each work depending on it's size it would range between 60 to 100 USD
This would be 60
100 or 120 (since i'd assume these would be backgrounds so to add the other 2/3rds of this boy would be the extra cost.)

I'm applying because that style I really adore. I work with india ink and watercolor for my personal life and I'd love to take a crack at emulating my experience at what I see there. I have experienced with traditional ink stylus and though I would not be making the works in traditional I know at least first hand how it should feel.

I would request if i hold the rights to the artwork, being able to post them on my blog as promotional for my artwork once the game have been releaced. But any printing, reposting or alterations on your behalf are free for you to tamper with. You'd have a full licenses to the artwork so long as I am able to use it as well.

if you are interested you may contact me on discord with
#7142 for immediate access for me and the preferred method

or email me at catgame21234@gmail.com but i beg you send a pm here first to me.

I'll be sending this to 3 different spots, so excuse the spam. Treat others how you want to be treated is my motto and I can be a tad forgetful at times.
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