Hiring Co-Writer for Commercial VN

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Hiring Co-Writer for Commercial VN

#1 Post by Googaboga » Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:01 pm


We have another writing position open here at GB Patch Games. This time we’re looking for a co-writer for the commercial VN “Our Life: Beginnings & Always”. It is a modern day, slice-of-life romance story with a male LI and a protagonist who’s gender is chosen by the player (male, female, or non-binary). The writing style is going to be casual with mostly dialog and straight forward inner thoughts. There won’t be heavy prose or descriptive sections. The rating will be 13+ or 16+ for some swearing and pretty low key suggestive content.

Payment will be sent through Paypal in at least two batches (when they’re sent is negotiable). Applications will need to include:
-Your rate for writing services
-How many words you’re willing to commit to writing
-When you can get started
-At least one writing sample

Feel free to mention any previous VN experience, if you have some. We’re looking for someone who’s available to write at least 30,000 words. The maximum words needed will likely be 60,000 or less. We’re hoping for around 2,000 words to be finished per week. If something comes up to hinder your writing we’ll understand but you’ll need to let us know. Not getting work done for long periods of time and a lack of communication will make us have to let you go from the project.

We know the month of March is often busy for writers because of jams going on. You can still apply even if you won’t be able to start until April. Just mention in your application if that’s the case.


The script for OL is somewhat unusual. It’s mostly based around self-contained vignettes showing memorable moments of the MC’s life that can be played in any order. Because of that there’s no true plot or story line happening. There are a couple prologue and transitioning scenes that do set some things up, though. OL also includes a significant amount of choices. The choices made by the player shape the MC’s personality/life. What happens in the vignettes also shapes the personality/life of the male love interest.

You’ll need to be comfortable writing characters of various ages because the vignettes span from moments in childhood, to teenage years, to adulthood.

There’s a good amount of freedom with this job. The vignettes have basic premises but all the specific details will be up to you. Another writer might build upon your vignettes with additional choices and scene changes if they have ideas for it.

The script has not been started yet, we've only made plans for what the script should include. The backgrounds, GUI, and soundtrack are all complete. The sprite art was halfway finished, but we've recently decided to revamp and start over from scratch.


If you’re not sure what to send for a writing sample, here’s a small and completely optional prompt:

It’s a summer afternoon. The eight-year-old MC (with the gender/personality of your choice. The default name is Jamie) is trying to have fun at a small seaside playground. Their older sister Lizzie is also there. Lizzie is outgoing and exciting but also bratty and bossy. She’s two years older than the MC. They have a short interaction. It could be positive or negative or neutral, depending on how you want the MC to behave.

As a reminder, the writing style is meant to be mainly dialog based and from the perspective of the MC (who is only a child in this scene). Describing the sights/atmosphere in detail isn’t needed.
[This is not an example of a vignette premise from the actual game. It’s just for the purposes of this job opening]


We will be accepting applications until March 22nd, 2018.

Leave a comment, send a PM, or write us an email to get in touch!

Contact Email: gb.patch.games@gmail.com

Thank you!
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