New Visual Novel - Looking for a Writer

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New Visual Novel - Looking for a Writer

#1 Post by zxnod » Fri Apr 13, 2018 2:59 pm

Hey everyone. I am looking for a writer to produce a script for a visual novel game (VN).


Private eye called in to investigate a fraud in a multinational company. Throughout his investigations the story leads to several murders, betrayals, kidnappings, ransoms, plot twists, dark and sinister purpose reveals, corruption; the story has mystery, thriller, psychological elements and even the protagonist’s past demons. It will also involve the protagonist getting into a romantic relationship with one of the potential female leads. There are also some comedic elements in some sections.

The VN will have several endings based on the decisions made. The player cannot die (except in bad endings) but his decisions will have vastly different consequences for others in the game. Voice acting is minimal with emotional sounds for dialogues where need be and some spoken words for dramatic effect where appropriate.

The setting is a modern metropolis with some Noire elements. The events take place in several places throughout the city. The city map is also used to make choices on where to go next.

Gameplay mainly revolves around making dialogue choices and choosing where to go or who to talk to for investigations. Choices for places or people can be mutually exclusive.

Most of the game will be from the perspective of the protagonist but in some sections other perspectives will also be shown to mainly showcase events taking place where the protagonist is not present.

The main theme of the VN is mystery but with strong characters and the story should at times pull the readers’ heart strings due to strong emotions displayed by the characters.

The average game time for a single play through should be 9+ hours. It will be more if the player wants to see different endings.

The word count will be between 100k to 150k.

Writer’s responsibilities:

- You will be responsible for writing the script. I have some ideas but you will be responsible to be creative and design the plot. Any ideas for the script, however, should be discussed with me before going ahead in order to ensure time is not wasted on something I don’t want.
- Your English is native or very close to that.
- You will also be responsible for writing miscellaneous text, for example, I will also ask you to describe the characters/scenes/locations in some more detail off the script so artists could capture your vision better.
- I would expect weekly updates on your progress.
- You will get the full credit for your work.
- Payments will be done via PayPal in several milestones that you have to provide and agree with me before going ahead.
- If you have a script handy already we can discuss it.

In any case, I am looking forward to hear from you on the following:

- Any writing samples (in .doc or .pdf) and/or links to your previous projects,
- Rate or total price for the whole work,
- Expected timeline for the project,
- Anything else you think is relevant.

Please feel free to contact me any time via PM or comment in this topic for further queries. To apply please send me an email at

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Re: New Visual Novel - Looking for a Writer

#2 Post by PenDragon » Wed Apr 18, 2018 7:21 pm

I am interested and would be willing to work with you on this as a long term project. My only issue is that these types of stories require very tight plotting in terms of a mystery (especially so if you want to include all the plot twist elements that you listed above). It would be hard to plot such things from scratch. Do you have a full course of the mystery planned and just need the event plotted by the writer, or would the writer be entirely making it up themselves?

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Re: New Visual Novel - Looking for a Writer

#3 Post by ChristophAHow » Mon Dec 03, 2018 11:49 am

Hello. You have quite high requirements, which means you need a freelancer with a lot of experience. But I would advise you to work with the writing services writers. If they are professionals, then they have English, there is a lot of experience, which means that they will not make mistakes.
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