[OPEN][Googleplay Game] Shadow of Death - Writer Needed

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[OPEN][Googleplay Game] Shadow of Death - Writer Needed

#1 Post by linhth » Fri Jun 22, 2018 4:10 am

Hello, we're Zonmob game studio and we're looking for a writer to produce a script for a Googleplay Game named Shadow of Death.


The script will be under Visual Novel style. Main story will be provided by us, but other than the main plot including the causes of the problem, character designs and output, you're free to be creative and wild throughout the course of the story.



City of Light – a place of prosperity and abundance, bestowed with the blessing of mother Earth, was considered by many as the heart of Aurora. The flourished kingdom was built by King Luther I at the dawn of the First Age, and served as his throne, surrounded by his army of Imperial Knights, and The Eyes of Oracle.

Imperial Knights were King Luther's most accomplished warriors, and were exclusively selected and trained to protect City of Light. The Eyes of Oracle, on the other hand, was founded by the Royal Magistrates to preserve and develop ancient knowledge, including Magic, Alchemy, Astrology, Medical, etc… They worked together and taught communities how to find harmony with their land through its natural resources, bathing City of Light in endless sunlight and glory.

⚔️⚔️⚔️ Perhaps, sooner or later, every last echo fades. Day gives way to night, as darkness replaces sunlight.

A man's life is merely at the mercy of Fate. So was Princess Mina's. As life was abruptly torn away from the frail, kind-hearted young woman, an ominous darkness surrounded the once prosperous kingdom. Trees fell from its roots; birds and rabbits lost their shelter; springs and rivers dried up; butterflies and frogs nowhere to be seen.

⚔️⚔️⚔️ Despair has brought King Luther XV to the path of no return. He found and became obsessed with the Forbidden Art - sealed away by The Eyes of Oracle since the First Age in the deepest labyrinth. He desperately exploited its use, to the point of near – if not – insanity, sacrificing his own people for the rituals without scruple, and eventually claimed immortality.

Eventually, the Forbidden Art's power surged across the lands, seeped into human's every core, breaking the natural course of the world and soon, transformed them into most horrendous beasts – slaves of the darkness curse. The widespread rise of beasts hostile to human life without sanity became the ruin of human race. Perhaps there was resistance in the beginning, but they will all, sooner or later, succumb to madness. Blood dyed the sky of Aurora crimson, and not a single step was taken without stepping on cracked bones.

⚔️⚔️⚔️ In time, a Shadow Warrior suddenly rose from his death, and managed to keep his sanity despite being a beast. Whereas it is unknown how Maximus does it, he was able to extract and absorb the Curse of Darkness from beasts, drawing its strength into himself.
So begins a new Legend of Shadow...

Writer’s responsibilities:

- You will be responsible for writing the script. I have some ideas but you will be responsible to be creative and design the plot. Any ideas for the script, however, should be discussed with me before going ahead in order to ensure time is not wasted on something I don’t want.
- Your English is native or very close to that.
- You will also be responsible for writing miscellaneous text, for example, I will also ask you to describe the characters/scenes/locations in some more detail off the script so artists could capture your vision better.
- I would expect daily updates on your progress.
- You will get the full credit for your work.
- Payments will be done via PayPal in several milestones that you have to provide and agree with me before going ahead.

In any case, I am looking forward to hear from you on the following:

- Any writing samples (in .doc or .pdf) and/or links to your previous projects,
- Rate or total price for the whole work,
- Expected timeline for the project,
- Anything else you think is relevant.

Please feel free to contact me any time via PM or comment in this topic for further queries. To apply please send me an email at linhth@zonmob.com.

Thank you and hope we'll have a chance to work together!

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Re: [OPEN][Googleplay Game] Shadow of Death - Writer Needed

#2 Post by BlackFlameExplosion » Tue Jul 17, 2018 12:05 pm

I applied, thank you very much for this chance. :)

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Re: [OPEN][Googleplay Game] Shadow of Death - Writer Needed

#3 Post by minyan » Thu Jul 19, 2018 10:34 am

E-mail sent! Thank you for your consideration.

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Re: [OPEN][Googleplay Game] Shadow of Death - Writer Needed

#4 Post by Cirlex » Sun Jul 29, 2018 10:21 pm

Just sent ya an e-mail. Thank you very much for this opportunity!

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