Hiring Hentai Game Reviewers And Renpy Scripters

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Hiring Hentai Game Reviewers And Renpy Scripters

#1 Post by otakuapologist » Mon Jul 09, 2018 10:01 pm

Hello everyone! I'm Otaku Apologist, a hentai entrepreneur since 2014.

I commission original porn comics, and game reviews from a group of regular freelance writers and artists. I am also starting to produce games.
Every project is financed with sales from my store and promoting the best hentai products in the market.

I need more writers to review games, and to write about everything hentai.
Payment is currently $35 per review, raised to $45 if you write consistently (4 hentai anime / game reviews a month minimum).

I also need writers for game projects. I offer 4 cents per word, 5 cents if you can script the games in Renpy.

Payments are conducted immediately after a writeup is published. Paypal or Bitcoin. Payment schedule for games will be negotiated separately.

Please email your applications at otakuapologist@gmail.com. For more information, visit the "jobs" section of hentaireviews.moe.
In the event you cannot reach me via email, please post a comment on my Hentai Foundry, twitter, or any of my websites.
I'm too busy to check up on Lemmasoft messages, so please use my email and other means for contact.

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