NSFW 3k Word Story Needed

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NSFW 3k Word Story Needed

#1 Post by gamex » Tue Jul 10, 2018 9:22 pm

I need a NSFW Short Story for a visual novel game I'm working on, it's about a JPop idol that's in love with her manager.

The text must follow these rules

- There should be one empty line between each dialogue line

- When the player talks, start the line with <line player>

- When the player is thinking to himself / describing the current scene, start the line with <line>

- When the girl talks, start the line with <line girl>

- End each line with </line>

- Each line has a maximum of 35 words or 225 characters

- The story should be told from the perspective of the player.

I'll provide an illustration of how the girl looks.

Basically after a live concert the player is reflecting about all the hard work both have been through to get where they are right now while she's performing, I need you to create a name for the girl, make this scene just long enough to describe the current situation.

After the show ends, the player meets the girl in her dressing room, they have another brief conversation, you can add some humor in it if you want, eventually this scene must end with the girl wanting to have sex with the player since she fell in love with him and they're currently dating, although they're keeping their relationship as a secret.

Write a blowjob scene, where he ends up finishing in her mouth and she swallows.

Write a missionary style scene, where he ends up coming inside of her.

Write a doggy style, where he ends up coming on her ass.

- Paypal only

- Share your portfolio and rates

- Contact me through PM

Best regards

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