Hiring an editor (Closed)

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Hiring an editor (Closed)

#1 Post by Ryue » Tue Aug 28, 2018 5:21 pm

Hiring Editor

I'm currently in the process of writing on a vn / rpg mix (after a long hiatus due to trying to find writers, I decided in the end I'm goin gto do it myself).

The story is a zombie apocalyptic one and thus horror / zombie genre with a few romances involved.

As I've seen I will need help there in the form of an editor (more exactly to see if I stay within the style of vn's and if parts of the story seem good, or boring, ...). Furthermore as I'm not speaking english as my primary language I'm also going to need help with grammar and syntax there.

Thus hiring. Prices can be talked about.

One point: Due to story restrictions (see the summaries below) The editor needs to be 18+.

A few details summarized:

Genre: Apocalyptic Zombie Horror / a bit of romance
Age restriction: 18+ (no explicite scenes, reason is explained further below).
Length: Demo over 20k Full game over 200k
Writing speed: Currently as I'm still trying to get into a rythm there I'm expecting 1-3k per week that I can write.

For the 18+: As mentioned there are no explicite scenes. But when I researched age restrictions. Especially in regards to the zombie genre I found out that zombie children automatically increase the age restriction to 18+. And as also child zombies exist in the game.....18+ age restriction. Although personally I find it still strange that gore,... does not matter as much as that for restrictions.
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Re: Hiring an editor

#2 Post by WriteDan » Thu Aug 30, 2018 11:27 am

I am a writer and editor. I'm very interested in RPG's and Visual Novels, your plot seems inovative in this two genres you're joining. We could further discuss prices if you want.

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