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#1 Post by Ergi_Baldrson » Thu Oct 11, 2018 1:45 pm

(Update: October 14th 2018) Thank you all for your applications and interest!
(Update: October 13th 2018) The official design document is now available for people interested in the position.

Hello, I am Ergi Baldrson, the author of the "Sons of Baldr" franchise. I am using Ren'Py as my platform to create a simple dating simulator. I am looking for someone who has an intermediate to expert level of experience with Ren'Py.

The Project
A historical dating simulator that features a medieval fantasy genre, with 5 potential suitors and 10 different endings.

1. Progress Bar - A variable that increases depending on the choices made throughout the story. 1 for each suitor.
2. Inventory - An array that contains classes that activate switches to unlock more dialogue and artwork.
3. Branching Story - Certain dialogue options become available, depending on previous choices made and items present in inventory.
3. 2-Part Game - An event that opens the second part of the story and closes the first. One suitor is chosen and the others are no longer available.
4. Animation - Movie sprite characters and animated backgrounds to create a stimulating experience for the player.
5. Audio - Soundtracks, soundscapes and sound effects to help create the immersive experience.
6. Gallery - Images that are unlocked will be viewable in the gallery.
7. Sound Room - Audio files are unlocked and can be listened to in the sound room.

Full time programmer - Make an offer. I pay via Interac e-transfer.

More Information
I will be working alongside you as the full-time artist and game designer. I was recently trained to use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver. More information on the details of the project, such as the story and characters will be disclosed, once an agreement has been reached with an individual.

Thank you,

Ergi Baldrson

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