Logo & UI for My First Castellan

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Logo & UI for My First Castellan

#1 Post by [Elysium] Véronique » Thu Oct 18, 2018 12:02 am


So, progress is coming along in our background art and character art, but there's still something missing from this visual novel: a compelling user interface and logo for our amazing visual novel, My First Castellan. My First Castellan is set in a fictional Europe and has a few magical elements and we need a sound track to help us set the right tone for our visual novel.

In My First Castellan, you play Harlequin Beaumont, a noble who was chosen to be appointed as the Castellan of Vernon and First Castellan of the Kingdom of Cordonia. However, your first day does not go so well as you're forcibly changed into a woman by a spy pretending to be a diplomat. Your job is to navigate a world full of political intrigue, courtly politics, purse dogs, harsh winters, separatist rebellions, and funny-looking hats in order to get to the bottom of the conspiracy where your sex was changed in your own home.

For this game, we do need a signature logo and a UI that fits with the high quality of work being done in the game. We have amazing background and character artists working on the art as I write this and work is gearing up on the OST.

If you're also offering to code the GUI, knowledge about Git (or at least knowing your way around a GUI client for Git and enough knowledge to know not to commit directly to the master branch) is crucial.

As for compensation, we would like to work with you on that. Money is kinda short and in order to promo a Kickstarter here, we need to have a demo ready per the rules. We're hoping to release the demo on Steam on the 11th of December and launch the Kickstarter at the same time.

Genre: Suspense, mystery, slice of life, TG
Anticipated launch date: Summer 2019

How to apply: Send an e-mail with your portfolio to vbellamy@elysium.coop
Véronique Bellamy, DPhil
Founder, Elysium Studios

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