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[PAID] - ENDED - Background artist

#1 Post by Triority » Mon Oct 29, 2018 8:37 am

I'm looking for a background artist for my current visual novel that's on Steam (https://steamcommunity.com/app/907360/) and it's subsequent sequels/prequels. Unfortunately, my current artist seems to have gone AWOL (figuratively speaking).

I have 32 scenes ranging from a view inside an office to hotel foyer - got a complete list if you're interested with reference pictures/photographs for some of it.

Will pay reasonable prices.

I had hoped to get it all done by the end of November (ie 30 days), but it appears that may not be possible now.

Let me know if you're interested !

The graphics will be for the following commerical products :

WTC 2 (Already on Steam, but want to upgrade the graphics to be inline with the other parts), and so it can be released on Android more or less straight away
WTC 1 (Already on Steam and to be upgraded)
WTC R (Scripted and coded, but one chapter is currently being re-scripted)
WTC 3 (Scripted but not coded)
WTC OVN (Partially scripted)

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