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[CLOSED] Adult Hentai +18 Schoolgirl needs a femdom writer

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2018 8:10 pm
by SaliaCoel
Hi :-)

Im looking for a writer who is comfortable in writing. Its a Unity Game, so its not a straight-forward linear story you are writing.
The goal is to write a relationsship with a female schoolgirl.
The player character is dating the female schoolgirl, and the gender of the player character can be male and female. The gender of the schoolgirl is always female.

I will offer 100$ for the first relationsship. And 10$ more for every next one.
Then you "level up" and you get 10$ more - Until you reach 150$ (max) The reason is: the more you work the better quality you deliver.

It should have 3 parts:

1. Player is unknown to the character. The Dialouges are often introducing the character.
2. Player and the character are getting along. The character is starting to "control" the player. The character gives the player tasks to increase his relationsship points.
3. Player and the character are in a relationship. The player gets a permanent ingame benefits. (she could sell him a rare-item / a free health restoration per day / upgrade to maxhealth / upgrade to attackpower / .....)

- You should understand some basic concepts of writing character stories
- You should know how to make character design
- You should be comfortable writing Hentai-stuff. You are writing a female domination story, so some BDSM-knowledge would be nice.
- I already have a "writing-tool" that can be used to test it ingame. You kinda need to use it. Its pretty simple actually. Tutorial link below.

Here are some references:

The name of the game is "Femdom School and Monster Girls"

The game's Main Blog:

The tool you would use:

The writers Discrod:

My Email:

Re: [Paid and open] Adult Hentai +18 Schoolgirl needs a femdom writer

Posted: Mon Nov 26, 2018 12:12 pm
by dfbreezy
Kinda interested, but seems complex for $100. Well, that may be relative depending on the estimated word count per relationship, which you may have forgotten to add.

Re: [CLOSED] Adult Hentai +18 Schoolgirl needs a femdom writer

Posted: Mon Nov 26, 2018 9:58 pm
by SaliaCoel
Hi dfbreezy, thanks for your interest!

The word count of each relationship wasn't meant to awfully long - around 1'000~1'500 words each (with opportunities for raises if the word count went over) - but unfortunately applications are closed until further notice.

If you're still interested in applying, could I take down your contact details for the future?

Thank you for your time!

-Salia :)