Looking for background artist for a scene

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Looking for background artist for a scene

#1 Post by katsarayuki » Fri Nov 23, 2018 2:54 pm

Looking for a background artist to draw a scene for a university visual novel project.
Landscape for computer monitor

The scene is a low-lit small western style bedroom which want to be shown as very messy and a space the individual does not leave very often.
Looking to incorporate
Closed curtains
Single bed - the sheet is coming off of the mattress and the duvet is in a mess. Nintendo Switch by the pillow.
A pillow on the floor (having been thrown there in sleep)
Empty crisp packets/sweet packets/ drink bottles and cans littered on the floor and scattered in places across the room.
Dirty clothes piled in the corner
Laundry hamper with some type of clothing hanging out of the top
Some empty shipping cardboard boxes and a full rubbish bag
Bedstand drawer near the bed with headphones, ps vita and 3ds on top
Full bookshelves
Anime/Games posters on the walls. Don't need to be detailed
Desk and chair. Gaming laptop open on the desk. Keyboard and mouse. Virtual reality headset. The desk asides from that is covered in stacked books,
papers, comics/magazines and crumpled papers, and litter.
Small drinks fridge under the desk
TV and game consoles ps2, ps4, xboxone in the corner with a lot of wires and controllers.

Also don't know if the deadline is too short if it is a viable option. Need it by the 16th of December so have time to input it into the engine for my deadline.

Thanks for your patience in reading this awkward request, I've never commissioned art before.

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