[CLOSED] Ren'Py/Python programmer (simple minigame)

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[CLOSED] Ren'Py/Python programmer (simple minigame)

#1 Post by demscephei » Wed Dec 12, 2018 5:44 pm

Hello, I'm Dems! The developer of the sci-fi, romanceable robot girls visual novel: Synthetic Girlfriend!
SynthGF is a story-based VN that's currently on the works (and soon to release a demo!), however, I want to spice things up with a small minigame (highly based on that Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire ice maze gym minigame). Problem is, I don't actually know how to code it! So I'm looking for a Python/Ren'Py programmer who could give me a hand in the coding department with that.

How the minigame works:
  • You spawn in a tile at the edge of the board. You have to step on every tile on the board and reach the goal tile.
  • If you step on the same tile twice, you lose.
(Here's some footage of the actual ice maze puzzle in Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire)

What I need for the first demo of Synthetic Girlfriend:
  • The minigame itself (variable grid size, grid movement, spawn tile, goal tile, regular tile, wall tile).
  • Full implementation with Ren'Py (a menu to access/quit the minigame, browse/select the puzzles).
  • Completion tracker (a way to show the player which puzzles they've completed, and a % indicator).
  • A simple puzzle maker/editor (I don't mind if it's just editing .txts, but I need a way to easily create new puzzles on my own).
  • Show me your portfolio. If you worked on another projects or have any work relevant to my project, please show me!
  • You need to have a kinda advanced knowledge on Ren'Py (screens, menus,etc.) and/or Python.
  • You'll have to keep in contact and show me the progress on a regular basis.
  • Add me on Discord if you wanna apply, I find it much easier to talk over there. My tag is Dems#0023.
  • This will be a one time thing with the possibility of re-hiring to add more features like new game modes or types of tiles for the full game.
  • Please submit your rate, I'll pay you half the amount upfront and the other half when you're finished. All of this will be handled via PayPal
  • This is just for the base minigame, however, as I mentioned above, I want the minigame to have a bunch of different game modes and types of tiles in the future. We can discuss this after joining the project and coding the base minigame.
  • Your name will be in the credits, and you'll receive an early demo when it's done!

Thanks for taking your time to read this and have a fantastic day!

- Dems.

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