[PAID][NSFW] Looking for artist/animator.

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[PAID][NSFW] Looking for artist/animator.

#1 Post by DammitAnt » Thu Jun 13, 2019 11:12 pm

I need an professional animator to draw and animate some NSFW scenes for a VN that is in development. I prefer that you be able to do both animation, and art. Please be ready to showcase your ability to animate lewds.

My budget is flexible - I can usually meet most artist's rates. I usually pay half commission up front - so I have no problem putting money down to your paypal - just please do not ask me to assume taxes or charges meant for the receiver.

Please have some experience and be ready to show me some works you have done. The NSFW animations need to be believable, and relatively detailed. I can provide visual references.

Be up front regarding your requested commission pricing. The art style I prefer is western/anime

Please either reply directly here or send to my DM. Additionally, you can join the discord and message me there. DammitBird#5738
Lastly, you can fill out the form on www.galewindgames.com. It will say we are not looking to hire, but we are.


^^concept art




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