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Looking for a UI artist for my NSFW game

Posted: Tue Jun 18, 2019 1:01 am
by AcademyOfFetishes
Hello, I'm looking for a UI artist for my NSFW game. The game is an open world VN. The premise is your father died and you inherited his farm (original, I know). When you get there, you learn that the town is populated by monster girls in human form. Your partner comes up with the idea of recruiting them to live on the farm with you, but it's your job to convince them to transform back into monster girls so you can sell their products (hucow milk, harpy eggs, etc.) on the open market and become rich. The game is called Monster Girl Farmer.

I'm looking for a UI artist and I need help with the UX, too. e.g., I want to reduce the amounts of clicks to do common things, I need help figuring out the best place to put the configuration button, map button, journal button, etc.

Here's a current screenshot showing the UI. By looking at it, you can probably tell I'm a programmer with no artistic skills.

Main UI:
The Map (my background artist will make this, but I do need a UI artist to make the dialog the map sits in):
The Journal:
From these pictures, I think you can pretty much see all the work there is to do, but I might need more in the future if some new concept comes up. Like, I could imagine the game potentially getting a like/love system where each time you complete a quest for a girl, she likes/loves you more and I'd want a UI to represent that.

I'd say 5% of the project is complete, but it's playable if you want to try it out.

This background and UI is place holder, but this character is not. I do have some non-placeholder backgrounds:



I'm looking for a theme/style to match her and my backgrounds.

It's probably worth noting this is a Unity project.


Re: Looking for a UI artist for my NSFW game

Posted: Tue Jun 18, 2019 3:04 am
by Sitraxis
Hello! I'm interested to work with you! You can find my portfolio here and my rates here. I have an open UI slot in my waitlist if you'd like to hire me! :D