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[Paid Coding Help] Build or Recycle a text adventure RPG Template or Skeleton

Posted: Wed Jun 26, 2019 2:14 am
by BallsDeepWeep
Hi there, bless you. Thanks for reading. I need a decent coder.

The Objective of this Project:
Help me code a template or reuse a template you have created to fit the framework of a text based RPG.

I need a coder. Who can build a template for a linear story based game, with some leveling features. I feel like you need a firm understanding of if/and/or statements, events, variables, how to apply these to the outcome of dialogue choices and how to swap images (png's, gifs, or mp4s) based on the main character's progression.
Can be amateur level or experienced, maybe have at least one published game or prototype under your belt. I would like to see it if you have it.

Story Synopsis:
It's a story driven parody. Mythical meets the Mundane. And a little slice of life. You play as our main character is Satan, but they have been stripped of their wings and powers, Satan has been living in a small apartment in the worst city in the world for about half a decade. Satan is about 23ish, and swings from ordinary job to job, overqualified, intelligent, aloof, skeptical, vain/stylish, rebellious, and a little conceited. As you play you learn how to deal with awkward, mundane, and annoying challenges of living ordinary life. Running out of gas in the wrong part of town, being unable to pay for rent/dinner, dodging/dealing with ex's, having a hangover, etc. This city just so happens to also be the home of other lesser and greater Deities from old and new religions that are also trapped in human form. Rah, the Four Horsemen, Isis, Jesus, etc. You even live with a roommate who you once dated who is a God. The story is lighthearted, funny, and episodic until a incredible opportunity turns into a chance for you to explore your own humanity and change your fate.

The game will be in linear progression with the potential to change Progression is measured by events in the form of conversations that come at our MC, one at a time.
A "Battle" will occur when the conversation with another Deity derails. The player will have a chance to change the outcome based on their replies.
The player's battle options will always be the same 4 choices;
Joke, Give Up, Question, and Attack.
Respectfully, these are also the skills that can be leveled up to unlock different conversational outcomes in the story, in battles and alternate story arcs. There should be some version of a check to see if "Give up = <5" or something like this, to see if a dialogue option appears, or an extra line of conversation, or even a skipped battle.
Yes, Satan is a pacifist.

There should be a character screen that can be accessed at any time that shows the status of the player, current stats, and images based on the player's character stats (improving clothing, growing horns, normal eyes become glowing eyes, growing a tail that becomes demonic, all of these interchangeable pngs are proof of the character's "progression/evolution" based on the core stats; Joke, Give Up, Question and Attack variables.
For example; the Player has reached +3 Joke, a red dot will appear over an icon of them ( the button to the character stats screen to notify them of the change) and once in the character stats screen; a thin, long tail behind Satan appears now in this screen where there was none before. Player reaches +6 Joke, the tail becomes thicker, more red and scaly. Player reaches +3 Attack & + 6 Joke, eyes turn from normal to glowing yellow, tail remains the same. Player reaches +6 Attack & +6 Joke, eyes glow red now instead of yellow, tail remains the same. Player reaches +6 Attack, +9 Joke, and +3 Question, the eyes remain the same, the tail is now black, horned, armored, and forked, and is wearing nicer clothing because of the +3 to Question. And so on.
Here are some things that would be nice to have but I realize require some finessing (let me know if i'm wrong here):
-Once in awhile having an extra wildcard conversational battle option that has some kind of random element to it. Could be something like use minor magic to create an illusion. Or have an insta-kill option. These could also be based on if a skill is above a certain #.
-A way to revert skill changes to the character if they perform the correct, or wrong action and get subtracted points.
-A character building screen from pre-selected options (change hair, eyes, face shape, chest shape, thigh shape, etc - from pre-selected pngs) and export into game.
-I would prefer the MC be female by default or at least androgynous enough to be confused for both. But if there was a way to determine the sex before the game stats and export that in, would be very cool if the pre-selected options are impossible.
Some kind of fluid draining system that functions as a timer of sorts, if you run out, you pass out and wake up in your bed or something like this.

I don't recall python being advanced enough to do some of these, but times change and i'm looking for a professional opinion. So I hope I'm wrong.

In the past I have paid between $75 to $350 and even $600 USD for work. Even then i'm still flexible, it just depends on the scope and your thoroughness as a colleague.
I can pay via Paypal, Bitcoin, or other crypto alts if you prefer. You can have as much coding credit as you like. Especially if you deserve it.

My budget is flexible. I'd like to add-on to this as we go, so as you develop the framework for the game, and prototype the parts that work, I will plug in assets, user-test it with another party, and we can reiterate based on feedback. I think I have a good outline but it's doesn't "Work" to quote Todd Howard until it's player tested.

If I have one working demo (in code) for every type of scenario within this game, and you can help me with questions that I have once I start stringing them together, i'll be happy to pay what's fair. You can be as involved as you would like to be.

I have a strong concepting, drawing, design, animation, and writing background, or those needs are pretty much taken care of.
I've worked in Ren'py before and enjoy it, but am unable to code for the life of me. I admire those who do and will pay accordingly.
I will be very happy with a template that I can plug and play (write for characters, plug in pngs) easily.
I am very good at understanding logic once it's written, copy and pasting it to fit my needs.

Please feel free to reach out here or on Discord:

Thanks for your time.

Re: [Paid Coding Help] Build or Recycle a text adventure RPG Template or Skeleton

Posted: Wed Jun 26, 2019 8:18 am
by SypherZent
Hello, BallsDeepWeep.

I make advanced games using Ren'Py.
Python is a coding language like any other, and EVE Online utilizes Stackless Python, to give an example of how powerful it can be in the right hands.
You may check my signature for past and current productions.

I could do everything you have described for your game, from character building screen to the combat engine which seems much simpler than the one I created for Who Wants To Destroy An Alien (link in my signature).

Here is my services thread which contains pricing for basic screens as well as complex systems (including barebones design):

If the prices seem comfortable for you, feel free to DM me or email for a more detailed quote.
I may need to ask a few questions, such as how many screens your game will have or if it will look closer to something like a MUD.

In any case, if interested in my work I would be happy to see your project to completion.
I could probably do it within weeks as it doesn't sound too complex, and I would also be available for add-ons in the long run.

Kind regards,