(CLOSED) Looking for voice actors for short complete game.

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(CLOSED) Looking for voice actors for short complete game.

#1 Post by arty » Sun Jul 21, 2019 4:56 am

CLOSED! Thank you for your applications!
IMPORTANT: The deadline for auditions has been set to the 26th 24th July 2019! Because of an influx of applications, auditions will only be accepted until the 24th. The decision who gets the roles will be made on the 26th, still!

Hey there!

I want to add voice acting to my finished game White Monday. It's a non-commercial, rather short game (about 15,5k words in total) and most roles are only a handful of lines. There are no explicit sexual scenes.

You can check the game's itch.io page here. It's free, so feel free to playtest if you like.

In particular, I'm looking for the following voices:

Heiko (M)
Main character and narrator. German accent. Very depressed drug addict. His dialogue will be voiced (but not the narration, unless you're like....super motivated).

Lily (F)
Somewhere around 30-ish years old. Has dialogue in one scene.

Roswell (M)
Very American and very self-absorbed. Shows up briefly, says about three words if I'm not mistaken.

Mailman (M)
Should sound young-ish and chipper. Has a few lines.

Rain (M)
In his twenties. Has a few lines.

Masha (F)
Russian accent. Has a few lines.

Train Conductor (M)
35-ish years old. One line.

Mark (M)
Average dude, in his twenties. Handful of lines.

Nurse (F)
One line.

I can offer payment (through paypal), but please keep in mind that my budget is not huge. It's a non-commercial game and I'm paying all of this out of my own pocket.

If you're interested, please reply here and add me on discord, my tag is arty#3461. If you don't have discord, just a reply here is fine too.

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