Music Composer/Musician - Red Riding Hood - Main Theme Song

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Music Composer/Musician - Red Riding Hood - Main Theme Song

#1 Post by milo39 » Mon Jul 29, 2019 4:14 am

Music Composer/Musician

Fantasy Studios is currently looking for someone to compose the main theme song (with lyrics) for our new visual novel, Red Riding Hood.

Red Riding Hood:
The young girl had been warned about the wolf that roamed the darkest parts of the forest. Her Grandmother had told her horrifying stories of how the great beast would tear children apart. This was why she was given a bright red cape from her Grandmother, “to ward off the wolf”. She had always been a brave girl but she knew the wolf was a creature to be feared. Children went missing too often from the village for her to even remember their names. Angry hunting parties travelled into the forest to kill the wolf but none had prevailed. The legend of the fearsome wolf grew, inspiring fear and anger in their hearts.
One day the young girl was out picking flowers in a lonely part of the woods. She didn’t expect to meet anyone but sensed that she was not alone. When she turned around she saw the wolf and was paralysed with fear. But when she looked deep into the wolf’s large eyes she saw something she wasn’t expecting … fear.
Everyone thinks they know the story of the girl in red but how much do they really know?

This song will be used in the trailer for the visual novel and the opening of the game. Lyrics will need to be sung by a female. If you are a male or do not want to sing, we will be able to provide you with a singer. More information will be provided to you if you are accepted.
The song will need to be completed by the 30th of September.
The game is scheduled to release late November.

Other games Fantasy Studios have made:
Pirate Princess: The Sword & The Sea (viewtopic.php?f=43&t=51063)

If you are interested please contact us with examples of your work and your commission rate at:
Code Name: Pirate Princess [Otome] [Fantasy]

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Re: Music Composer/Musician - Red Riding Hood - Main Theme Song

#2 Post by LeetMusic » Mon Jul 29, 2019 12:13 pm

Sent an email. Good luck!

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Re: Music Composer/Musician - Red Riding Hood - Main Theme Song

#3 Post by Korochi » Sun Aug 04, 2019 8:40 am

Hi, I just sent you email. Please let me know if it doesn't reach you. Good luck!

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