Looking for a minigame coder for Lovingly Evil

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Looking for a minigame coder for Lovingly Evil

#1 Post by Aviala » Mon Aug 05, 2019 1:06 pm

Hi, coders!

I'm the founder of Lizard Hazard Games (previous games include Your Royal Gayness and LoveBug) and we're currently making a humorous dating sim called Lovingly Evil, where the player gets to visit the Villain Conference (V-Con) and possibly date the villains they meet there. The game will include various minigames, one for each love interest. We're now looking for a coder to help with the minigames. Check out our website here: https://www.lizardhazardgames.com/

-Proficient with Ren'Py and Python
-Previous minigame coding experience
-Good communication skills

The first minigame is a grilling minigame, where you take over Satan's hellfire-powered grill and serve grilled goods to imps while coming up with solutions to their problems. The graphics for the minigame are almost done, and the design is finished. The minigame will require using multiple timers (grilling many things at the same time, imps getting mad if you take too long to serve food, etc) and creating a custom conversation system that runs at the same time as the food is cooking etc.

What the coder needs to do is to code a reliable core system that I can then use to create 4 different levels for the game. The code needs to have a lot of comments explaining which part does what so that I don't need to bother the minigame coder with every little balance tweak we want to make. I have a good basic understanding of making custom minigames inside Ren'Py but stuff cooking real time plus a conversation system would take ages for me to code since I'm not a professional coder. So basically, I need someone to code the core mechanics for me so that I can use the system to create the actual levels.

We have more minigames planned, so if the coder does a good job with this one, we definitely have more work to offer later on!

Our budget is limited because Lizard Hazard Games is a tiny company. Please include your rates, CV/resume and other relevant info in your email.
There's a diverse group of people working on the game so please only apply if you are respectful of sexual and gender minorities etc. Everyone working on the game needs to feel safe and comfortable.

To apply and for more info, either PM me or email lizardhazardgames (at) gmail.com
(Replace the (at) with @, I'm avoiding spam bots).

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