Seeking a composer for large project! (Closed)

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Seeking a composer for large project! (Closed)

#1 Post by minyan » Wed Sep 04, 2019 9:21 pm

Hello! I'm seeking a composer for a fantasy visual novel called Arena Circus:

^ descriptions about the project there!

It currently has 3/6 chapters complete, and the 4th chapter is in beta. I've made all the current music myself, but I am by no means a composer, and as I near the end of the writing, I'd like to start slowly polishing up the assets.

The game needs about 24 loops (1 min each), 1 opening theme, and 1 ending theme.

There's a trailer on the itch page with the current theme song, and that's the kind of feel I want! Some keywords:
punchy, discordant, bright, hopeful, slightly sinister undertones
It is a fantasy game, but I'm not looking for high fantasy/medieval-sounding music. One composer I spoke with suggested I'd want to find someone with some jazz/big band influence.

My budget is about $50-$100 per minute of music.

Many of the songs are themes for particular characters, so I'd like to discuss the feel I want for each one. I'll also send you the current music I have that I made in Garageband using loops. They aren't great, but they kind of show the general mood I'd like the the particular song to have.

Ideally I'd commission you per song, paying before/after one song is complete, then paying for the next one, then the next, etc. There's no rush on this, as the game isn't finished yet and I won't be implementing the new songs until I've at least redrawn the sprites and probably finished chapter 5. However, I would like to keep in touch as you work on the songs.


If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please DM me and we can work something out!
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Re: Seeking a composer for large project!

#2 Post by MarkusLappalainen » Thu Sep 05, 2019 7:00 am


I just sent you and email. I hope it made it through :)
Have a happy day! 8)
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