[PAID] Looking for writer who can write Trap/Otokonoko theme Visual Novel

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[PAID] Looking for writer who can write Trap/Otokonoko theme Visual Novel

#1 Post by push » Thu Nov 14, 2019 11:57 am

Job Details:
We are looking for someone who is experienced or love the theme relating to Trap/Otokonoko.
Reading scripts that are in Renpy programmed format.

A little detail about the MC would be that he is a guy who will be surrounded by traps doing some raunchy, naughty stuff. Keep in mind that we are using the Ren’Py engine. There’s are a total of 4 trap characters with multiple routes and ending. Must be willing to work over a discord.

Application Info to Send:
Rates for scriptwriting.
Examples of your prior writing work, especially in terms of visual novels scripting.
Let us know if you have any prior experience working on Visual Novels, if applicable.
A link to your social media, or website, or some other place where your work is uploaded.

Send us a PM, comment, or email us if you're interested!

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