[CLOSED] Looking for Sprite and CG artist for my futuristic drama visual novel, Mechatopia [PAID]

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[CLOSED] Looking for Sprite and CG artist for my futuristic drama visual novel, Mechatopia [PAID]

#1 Post by medievaldukemon » Fri Jan 24, 2020 4:59 am

Hello! I'm currently in need for an artist who can do sprite and CG work for my solo commercial visual novel project because I'm the only dedicated worker in this VN and I can't do all the work by myself so any help will be much appreciated.

Outline for my VN:
  • Story is set in 3020 where robots has taken over humans and the story is split into robots route and humans route and whichever route you choose will determine the world's future
  • The dating sim mechanic is pretty small, there are unlockable special scenes where you can spend time with your love interest of choice which increase their love points drastically while in normal story you can increase their love points, but it takes time. In the end of the story, if you reach a certain points with your love interest, you'll unlock a special CG and an ending card with them. You can date anyone regardless of the gender you choose
The requirements:
  • MOST IMPORTANT: You must be able to finish before the deadline which will be discussed,
  • SECOND MOST IMPORTANT: drawing robots are the most priority, since most of my characters in the story are robots. Character design examples can be given in this twitter: https://twitter.com/MechatopiaVN, otherwise any style is fine
  • You must be committed to drawing CGs/Sprites for this project, payment is no issue
Thank you for reading and if you're interested, you can PM me here or at Discord at dyah#9891

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