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(closed) PAID - Looking for programmer

#1 Post by ArchieX » Sun Feb 02, 2020 11:17 am

Hello !
I'm currently working on a proyect as an artist and writer.
I require the assistance of a programmer with advanced skills for the following.

a) Guide me on which engine is more useful for the content I have in mind. I was thinking on Ren'py or Unity (or other according to the programmer)
b) Go through the features that I'm planning and tell me which one of them are doable and if they require some type of change.
c) Have skills with the recommended engine.

Once the previous steps are set with the programmer, I'm willing to pay for the coding according to the features previously discused and your work time.

Please consider that first I need some guidance on the features that I'm planning and the engine to be used.
Contact me through email or discord.

Email: crisxj92@gmail.com Discord: ArchieX#4228

Thanks ! :D

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