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Looking to commission video creator for trailer/opening visual novel game!

Posted: Sat Mar 07, 2020 12:30 am
by princessbridget1999
Hi there! I'm the lead creator, director for Messy Studios which is currently working on a visual novel called Messy Academy. (has been in the works for roughly 5-6 months now)

The game is adult themed, having a focus on diaper fetish/kink but it plays out with a day to day, slice of life general school life feeling. It isn't one of those games that jumps right into sex scenes or anything like that, we'd like to pride ourselves on the amazing character, world building seen in the game and have had people play the game simply for the story revolving the characters instead of simply trying to get to sexual stuff as quickly as possible.

We're looking for a video editor who could play our latest version of the game a little bit to gather footage (I can do this too if required). Our main interest is to have someone create a opening video for the game (roughly 1 minute and 20-30 seconds long in length), this would have a specially made song done for it.

Then along with that, we'd need a special video that can be used for promotional advertising on kickstarter. It would highlight features, showing off how the game looks, showing brief highlights for the characters, etc. (not quite sure how long this video would need to be, maybe 3 minutes. But I don't want things to feel like it speeds by too quick either for text/highlights)

Our budget range can vary a little because of course we're asking for two different video styles, one being meant to be really nice and pretty for in the game and one for advertising on our kickstarter that we plan to launch sometime within May roughly. If I had to set a budget I would say our wiggle room is around 75-150usd per video, but even if your prices exceed this range, we can talk things out and if the type of work you do seems worth the extra. We'd be willing to boost our budget up further.

Below is a link to our patreon page, most posts are supporter only. But you can read further about our game project in the about/info section and get a feeling for the game based on the banner. There's a public download that's one update behind our current newest one, but please contact me about it and I'll provide video that shows off our most up to date versions, along with any assets needed for the video editing process! ^^

Contact me through private message on the forums or directly on discord (leave a message if you can) Princess bridget#9794

Re: Looking to commission video creator for trailer/opening visual novel game!

Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2020 7:50 pm
by ByFreddyFUN
Hey! I add you like a friend in discord, for talk better of the work!
Discord: ByFreddyFUN#9236

I wait for you!