Soularium - [NSFW] Looking for Character/Background/UI Artists

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Soularium - [NSFW] Looking for Character/Background/UI Artists

#1 Post by Soularium » Thu Mar 19, 2020 8:54 pm

Solarium - Summary:

Soularium is an 18+ eroge/comedy adventure game following the un-life and work of a human intern working at 'Soularium Inc.'

Soularium Inc is in charge of filing and registering each person's soul to their correct and final destination between heaven and hell.
While the angels, demons and various other mythical employees work very diligently, paperwork is sometimes lost and a final decision can't be assigned.

These poor souls are stuck between life and death, left to wander the wastes of purgatory while they await their unlikely verdict.

A lucky few are granted the option to intern within Soularium to avoid the insanity of eternal boredom...and to give the employees something to entertain themselves with.

Disclaimers and Information:
Will be Commercial.
18+ NSFW Content. -- Includes -- Monster girls, demons, angels, other religious parodies, female, femboy and futa characters.
(Please do not apply if you are not comfortable drawing adult content, or having your name attached to a project with adult content.)

Searching for:

We're in the process of creating a simple and sweet demo to get our idea for the game across and see what kind of interest is out there, we're currently looking for these positions to fill.

2D Character Artist : Searching for those who experienced with character creation via text descriptions and image references. Strong investment and self-development with adding to the project due to their own interest. Looking for a mixture of styles between cartoon and anime, realism is not wanted. MUST BE comfortable drawing NSFW content.

2D Background Artist : Searching for those who are comfortable with making parallax styled backgrounds, taking side-scrolling and adventure style games as a reference. Working in sync with character art assets in making an environment the player can move around in.

UI/Logo Artist : Searching for those who are experienced with standard game UI, Icon and Logo Art.

Payment will be done via Paypal based on agreements.
Commission prices will be honored unless an arrangement is made privately.

For more information or to apply please email
Alternatively, my discord is Avangard#5946

Thank you for your time.

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Re: Soularium - [NSFW] Looking for Character/Background/UI Artists

#2 Post by AD NOTANDA » Sun Mar 22, 2020 4:45 am

What is the point, if you don’t answer?

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