[PAID] [CLOSED] Looking for an Artist for Sprites/CG's!

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[PAID] [CLOSED] Looking for an Artist for Sprites/CG's!

#1 Post by KraveSoul » Tue Apr 07, 2020 5:31 pm

Hey there! My name is Kravesoul, I’m 19 years old and currently working on my first visual novel/otome along with my team. And Right now we need quite a lot of art, I'm covering all costs and need to know if we can work out payment plans if needed, Although our budget is broad so if not let me know I won't mind paying more. We currently need Character sprites, Various expressions and poses. Along with outfits. There are 8 Characters in total that need to be done- It's also free to play but this will be paid out of my own pocket.

We'd prefer a more realistic type of art style, Ex:


Here's some context to the story:

Brewing Love is an Otome dating sim. Filled with rivalries, love and mystery.

Quinn debuts as the youngest brewery owner in her city thankfully due to her family legacy alongside creating the finest drink at Berry's Lounge. Quinn’s kept a clean track record for 4 years, Customer service? Excellent, Health Score? Nothing below an A+, Bar Fights? Not even a scratch has been laid on any person who stepped foot into the bar.

That is until the fresh and newly founded bar opens up across the street, Quinn’s dealt with competition before and her family title alone blew any remaining businesses out of the park. But what happens when the Bar owner’s son gets a hold of Quinn’s infamous recipe and vows to shut down her lounge and the legacy that follows behind it.

It’s up to Quinn to fight back and defend her family’s name. But will she get caught up in romance, betrayal, and power along the way? Well- Let’s find out…

Your job as the player is to guide Quinn through this issue, Every choice you make counts whether big or small- Remember the supporting characters have feelings too! Quinn’s journey won’t be easy but with patience it may lead to a completely new life for her.

We also need CG's so we'd prefer an artist who can do both sprites and CG's but we are willing to settle with two separate artists. Here's a small list of everything needed.

- 8 Characters

- 4 Expressions

- Normal Outfits for each character.

- Bartender outfits for three characters.

- Pajama outfits for each character.

- At-least 4-5 CG's.
Please contact me @:


Or KraveSoul!#0273 on Discord! :wink:


UPDATE: We have fount an artist, Thank you for you many replies and offers! Me and my team wish you the best!

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