[CLOSED]Looking for BG and CG artists for commercial VN

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[CLOSED]Looking for BG and CG artists for commercial VN

#1 Post by minyan » Sun Apr 26, 2020 3:16 pm

Hello! My name is Minyan. I am looking for a BG and CG artist for a yuri visual novel. It has mature themes, but no sexual content. I need new artists as my old one dropped the project, so there are references for some of the images. You can see more information and play the demo here:



I am only looking for serious, dedicated people who have the time and will to see the project through to completion. The game itself is almost finished, I will be writing in the last scenes within the next few days. I would like artists who have the time to get the images done at a reasonably fast rate. Of course the volume I'm asking for is large, so I don't expect the impossible, but ideally you'll be able to give me regular progress updates and finish pieces within predetermined deadlines (that we can come up with together). Also, there are existing sprites, so while your style does not need to match the project, I am looking for people who's styles go well with the the sprites.


The project needs about 15 backgrounds, 4 of which are recolors, so 11 to be drawn. 


The project needs around 11 CGs, though I can drop it down to ten if the work load would be a little too much.

Contact Me

Please shoot me a message on discord (Min#5880) with:

Your name
Your rates
How long you think it would take you to complete all the BGs or CGs

I will follow whatever payment schedule you're used to (ex: half up front, pay per picture, etc). The project is a commercial project, so please keep that in mind.

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