[CLOSED] Looking for Composer (Traditional Chinese OST)

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[CLOSED] Looking for Composer (Traditional Chinese OST)

#1 Post by Gabmag » Sun Apr 26, 2020 10:31 pm

Hello, everyone!

My name's Gabby, and I'm the lead developer at Two and a Half Studios. While I'm currently working on our lead game, The Divine Speaker, I've also begun a small amount of work on our next title - Beyond the Abyss.

First, here's a little information about the game:


The Story

A vast divide between two planes, a war that’s spanned millenia. The righteous good that is the Gods of the Celestial City, and the devilish evil that is the Demons of the City Beneath the Arch. Forever locked in an insatiable conflict with no end.

That’s what they tell you, anyway. Just what is ‘good’ and ‘evil’, after all? Is there a line that divides the two so clearly that allows no mistake in judgement?

The story follows Zhang Zhenli - famed Demon commander and strategist - as he wakes up in the Celestial City and is mistaken for a god, and must survive a week without being discovered. Along the way he’ll see new and old faces, both friends and enemies, and his life will be turned upside down.

The worst part - he’ll have to face the one person he hates more than anyone else, the one who led him down the path of vengeance against the Gods long ago - Song Tao.

Beyond the Abyss is a Xianxia/Chinese inspired fantasy BL Visual Novel with a singular love interest. We expect the game to be medium length, sitting at around 50,000-70,000 words. It is 18+ and will feature adult scenes, although not the main attraction/purpose of the story.

Open Job: Composer
We are currently on the hunt for a composer that is well-versed in Traditional Chinese composition. Here's what we require:
  • Prior work with traditional Chinese composition
  • Instruments such as: Woodwind (dizi, xiao, etc.), Percussion (gongs, bells, etc.), Bowed strings (erhu, gaohu, etc), Plucked and struck strings (guqin, pipa, etc.)
  • Songs to be around a minute and a half in length and loopable
Pay will be determined by your rates. Please note this is a commercial project.

Please send your rates along with previous work to: thedivinespeaker[at]yahoo.com

Thank you!
Currently developing The Divine Speaker!

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