[Paid][Closed] Need a anime manga cell artist

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[Paid][Closed] Need a anime manga cell artist

#1 Post by TheSenpaiCode » Wed Apr 29, 2020 5:59 pm

Hello, I'm looking to hire a anime cell artist to draw one black and white page for a visual novel manga feature that I'm thinking of developing for Unity. This would basically be a trial page for the feature I'm developing. The page will have 3-5 cells

No need to include dialogue in the cells as I'll add those in later through the feature being developed.

If your able to draw backgrounds then that would be a big bonus. If your not able to draw backgrounds then that's fine, I can hire a BG artist to draw the backgrounds and place them at a different layer then the character. We'll all just communicate between the character and background placement.

I would also need layered psd of all character parts including hidden ones in the page since I'll be animating the characters within the page.

Other key parts to mention with this project. I'll be fading in / out cells of the page. So each cell will have to be separate.

The style of manga art I'm going for would be on the lines of these:


I'll talk with the chosen candidate through discord about the job in more detail.

This is paid work. Please have Paypal.

If interested pm through the forums or email TheSenpaiCode@gmail.com

Please include some previous work so I can compare art styles.

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