Future Proof needs a Programmer for a weird RenPy VN project

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Future Proof needs a Programmer for a weird RenPy VN project

#1 Post by futureproof404 » Fri May 15, 2020 12:52 pm


I'm here because I don't want to use Indeed again- got recommended via the RenPy Server.

I'm the producer/Co-Owner of Future Proof (www.futureproof.site). We're a transmedia in-house content company specializing in immersive theater. Because of some-reason-I-can't-quite-seem-to-figure-out (jokes), nobody wants to go to live events right now! So I've got my folks working on some once-backburner digital projects. One of them is a VN using RenPy. My creative team likes using renpy. I don't want to make them do all the python work because they also have stuff like words and images to make.

Looking to hire for a contract gig:
Need a programmer who can do a bit of copy-paste engine work, help us design a cross-platform mechanic, and assist with bundling/qa.

Scope of Work
I've got eight fulltime staff and of that three folks marginally-fluent in programming here. I want to add somebody who lives and breathes it to help keep things moving. This is a free-at-launch game with no monetization planned (think expensive arts&crafts), so we need somebody to:

- help us implement some baseline engine features in RenPy in a cleaner way than us script-kiddies will (a calendar, progress tracking, etc)
- build a 'patch' mechanic that is much easier to explain in person than in a job posting (it's a narrative gimmick)
- help us bundle and compile final distros for distribution on market; we can handle the QA if you give us a .exe to run

State of Project
Well, we're an in-house company and we don't do commissions, so this is the only thing we're working on with any immediacy right now. We have our project fully designed out (logic trees, design docu, etc.) and locked. Concept art is done, currently working on putting together initial Key and placeholders. Copy is in progress, but pretty succinctly mapped out. We've built a pre-alpha for playtesting and initial QC using RenPy, so at this point we're basically trying to get to Beta and want to bring in a programmer to help distribute the workload and bring on some expertise.

Always as soon as possible. Given size and scope this is at most 1-1.5 months of work; It's a one-and-done contract at 40hr/week remote (we're "non-essential"). When we get to talking, you and I can figure out what a proper timeline actually looks like, and if I need to cut down expectations or features in order to make a date then well... welcome to Future Proof!

Is negotiable- get me a quote and we can talk! But I'll always pay as close to union rate as I can regardless of expertise. Exposure is for photos, not human beings.

Given scope of work is not tight per-se, but definitely not open-ended; we're on a schedule with deadlines and such. Can scale to reasonable expectations.

Not going to discourage up-and-comers, but will definitely say prior-experience in a dev environment is preferred (more the better). Obviously if you're a savant, cool! Send me your portfolio, but consider yourself warned - this is a professional job with S&P, and we're a pseudo-startup with dumb jokes and terrible socialmedia metrics - if you want a chance to prove yourself and cap-feather for the first time, would strongly advise against applying. If you want to make something weird, you've got my contact info below.

If you'd like to hit me up and chat, you can forward a resume/portfolio/hyperlink collection with optional shortform CV in email body to admin@futureproof.site.

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Re: Future Proof needs a Programmer for a weird RenPy VN project

#2 Post by OldNoEyes » Fri May 15, 2020 1:06 pm

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Re: Future Proof needs a Programmer for a weird RenPy VN project

#3 Post by futureproof404 » Thu May 21, 2020 6:26 pm

OldNoEyes wrote:
Fri May 15, 2020 1:06 pm
Dear Mr. NoEyes,

You more than anybody else should be more than aware that V0YT3K is unable to assist us with this task as he is currently very off-grid assisting in a tip-top-secret CS operation on a houseboat in international waters outside of Puna Arenas, Costa Rica. I would advise altering or deleting the claims in your post before Gazoo lets them use an internet connection and Dixie sees it first.

Future Proof

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