[Open][Paid]Patreon.com/Palmer hiring a new VN writer!

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[Open][Paid]Patreon.com/Palmer hiring a new VN writer!

#1 Post by Palmer » Thu Sep 24, 2020 8:40 pm

Due to the amount of people responding, please don't read further unless you have:

- written a VN
- written erotica
(we will have to read these, so make sure to attach them)

All my best

We are well established game development group that are looking to hire another writer to join our development team for a new NSFW game. We are really looking forward to start creation on this game and would like to get going as soon as possible. Please send all applications to palmer@love-joint.com after reading the following (sorry for the wall of text, but it's important):

- This is a visual novel. You should at least be familiar with what a visual novel is.
- The writer will have to script the game using our own language, that is very similar to Ren'Py. We have a documented engine and active support should you need it.
- We want an adult (as in pornographic) cyberpunk/dystopian game (please review included current concept images for inspiration)
- We need someone that is passionate about science-fiction and who really wants to write a dystopian/cyberpunk game. You should love and be excited about the idea you are working on!

- You need experience in writing, and can show us what you written before.
- We'd like you to have written erotica before
- We'd like you to have written a VN before.

The game will include the following elements:
- Dystopian futuristic/sci-fi atmosphere.
- Sentient AI exists alongside normal people.
- Elements of romance, mystery and erotica.

We don’t have an established setting, so there is a lot of freedom to explore interesting themes. Good influences to watch before you submit your application are Blade Runner and Ex Machina. Some more already decided elements of the game:

- Main character is a male human.
- AI romantic interests are possible and encouraged.
- The plot should be deep and multi-layered, with different branches.
- The MC must have more than one sexual relationship.
- The game will be released bi-monthly in episodic format.
- We expect the game to run for at least a year.

- Excellent opportunity to join us full time after this game is done, should you want to.

Some elevator pitches we have already come up with, but keep in mind, we wanna hear your ideas too (we have already fleshed these out but we wanna see your take on it, should you decide to use them or come up with more ideas!). They can be as short as the following, and you can even use these to create a synopsis that will last the full year, should you want to:

-Idea 1: "A coder is hired to work on improving the AI of androids. During this, he gets attached to the android emotionally after first thinking it was just a robot. He succeeds with the AI improvement. The AI becomes sentient. They both become hunted."
-Idea 2: "An assassin android falls in love with its target. That android's clones then hunt the couple down."
-Idea 3: "An Android in a not-fully-artificially-intelligent military/martial police unit becomes sentient and flees her post in confusion. Seeks refuge and guidance with an ex-convict tech hacke who is supposed to have "gone straight" but helps her anyway. Avoids detection from the corporation that produced her while trying to solve why she became "awake" and if any other androids are too."

Payment to be discussed individually. You will be paid on a monthly bias. Remember to send all applications to palmer@love-joint.com

Youtube Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSHxDoY2D4Y


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Re: [Open][Paid]Patreon.com/Palmer hiring a new VN writer!

#2 Post by CobraPL » Sat Nov 07, 2020 12:28 pm

I post this because some patrons are here from Palmer's webpage, unaware he is dead:


Oct 14, 2020 at 1:45 AM
Extremely Important and Sad Announcement. Please Read

Hi everyone. We have some terrible news to share with you. There is no easy way to say this. After being unresponsive for several days, we have learned recently that Palmer has passed away suddenly. We are really sorry for this unexpected turn of events.

This is extremely hard news for the team emotionally, but it also puts us in an extremely awkward position, because we must ask you, after reading this notice in its entirety, to immediately cancel your pledge to patreon.com/palmer, and then request Patreon support for a refund for this month’s pledge. We can’t even guarantee that Patreon will offer a refund, since they will evaluate it according to their own policies. Please do not ask anyone in the dev team for a refund - we have no control over that money. Nobody is controlling Palmer’s account currently, we can’t even access it to post this news. We have informed Patreon support of the situation, and shutdown of Palmer’s account is pending official legal notice.

We also ask, since we can’t yet put a statement on patreon.com/palmer, that you spread the word and share this announcement which will be posted on our website.

The team has been in a state of shock, and I know a lot of you will be upset as much as we are. We have set up a channel on our Discord, “Remembering Palmer”, and AW will shortly post an obituary for Palmer which we hope you’ll read, and we hope you’ll share your memories of Palmer and what he and his games have meant to you.
About the future

There’s a lot of uncertainty. But given how close we are to finishing Double Homework, and how far it already is into development, it would be a waste not to finish the game. The team would like to finish Double Homework, and carry on working on projects that we already had planned, and to continue Palmer’s legacy. However, we have lost all our monthly funding. We have started a new Patreon page (patreon.com/lovejoint, it is the one you are currently using to read this post), where, if you choose to continue supporting us, you can do so. If we rebuild enough, we can finish the final chapter of DH and make the sort of game that Palmer would have been proud of, and carry on making games into the future.

Thank you for your belief in us and your love for our games. This is a difficult situation, and it will be hard for us to move on without Palmer.

-Love-Joint Team

Q: What happened to Palmer?
A: We don’t know exactly. But it was sudden and unexpected. And he is gone.

Q: Why have you lost access to Palmer's Patreon creator account?
A: For security reasons, only Palmer had access to it. Even if we did have access to it now, there are legal reasons why we can’t just take it over. According to Patreon support, Palmer's page will be deleted once they confirm he's gone.

Q: Who do I contact about a refund?
A: Please contact Patreon support. Unfortunately we have no control whatsoever of Palmer’s creator account, so we cannot issue refunds ourselves. And we can’t guarantee that Patreon will refund you either.

Q: When is the final episode of Double Homework coming out?
A: We hope that we can have it out at some point in November 2020.

Q: What is the future of Love-Joint?
A: There’s a lot of uncertainty, but all the members of the team are willing to keep going if we secure enough funding.

Q: If last DH episode is finished, what will happen next?
A: The whole team is willing to continue, and we already have some ideas, but almost certainly, our plans have changed from what was stated by Palmer on his last announcement.

If you have any more questions or you would like to post a tribute to Palmer, please feel free to join our Discord.

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Re: [Open][Paid]Patreon.com/Palmer hiring a new VN writer!

#3 Post by naqlada » Sat Nov 07, 2020 7:24 pm

Thanks for the update CobraPL.

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