Traditional Artist Seeking Partner/Concept Art Opportunities [FREE]

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Traditional Artist Seeking Partner/Concept Art Opportunities [FREE]

#1 Post by BlackForestK » Tue Nov 14, 2017 1:29 pm

Afternoon, everyone. My name is KT and here is my art portfolio:

I can only hope that I've managed to impress you -the fact that you're still reading is a good sign!

As you can see, I work traditionally (although I am able to do some compositing and layout work digitally) which has made putting together a Visual Novel exceptionally difficult. What I'm hoping to find is a digital artist who can turn my roughs into finished assets, and help me put together a short visual novel. It would be a sweet bonus if you also dabble in writing and coding, as I do. I don't have a specific project on the go right now, so there's lots of freedom for us to bounce ideas around!

If that pitch doesn't appeal to you, but you have a project of your own, and would like some concept art done for it, I'll be happy to draw you some (for free!) while I'm building my portfolio. :)

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