Young Artist For Hire (Cheap!)

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Young Artist For Hire (Cheap!)

#1 Post by Dylan_Bain » Fri Apr 03, 2015 4:55 am

Hello, everyone!

About Me My name is Dylan Bain, and I am a young artist/writer from Scotland! (Please don't let me being young put you off. I take my art extremely seriously and I am not at school so that wouldn't get in the way.)
I have my own style (which is a sort of exagerated mix of manga, disney and a style of my own) though I can do Manga/Anime.
I am looking for a job- preferabley for a visual novel, though I really don't mind. I would also be able to do individual drawings for people.
Here are some examples of my work-
Thread Concept Art.jpg
This was how Thread used to look. Not quite as awesome.
Another character I made called Meryl.
People Drawing No1.png
A random sketch I made of a woman checking out her nails. Yeah.
A farmer I made.
Another Look For Meryl.
Rules I would love to work as an artist on your project! There are only a few restrictions as to why I maybe wouldn't be able to.
No Adult Content Yeah. Quite simply because I would only feel comfortable working on a project that is also age appropriate for me.
Include Me In Credits Please include me in the game credits. I wouldn't like someone else to take responsibility for my art!
Prices Plus Payment Okay, now to prices plus payment! I am, like I said, young, so I will try and be quite cheap. I would also only accept PayPal as the form of payment. My paypal and contact details will be at the bottom, though. It is also important to note that I am charging for the whole project, not individual images :-) .
Concept Art and Sketches £20
Sprite £30
+ Extra Expression £2
+ Extra Costume £5
CG (simple) £40
CG (complex) or poster £45
Commision £10
Okay, so my PayPal address is

Contact Me I am really looking forward to hearing from you! PM me through LemmaSoft with your Skype or Email and we can talk about whatever you want!

Image ... 52#p365552 Curently NOT Accepting Commisions!

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